FABI house

A progressive company

Born in 1965, in Montegranaro, in the heart of the Marche footwear district, a small business with an artisanal imprint was created by the Fabi family. The skilled hands of the brothers Elisio and Enrico, together with their wives Gina and Vilia, crafted the first men's shoes, which with their classic, elegant style and the high quality of the materials have always accompanied the brand from the very beginning.

It only took a few years for the entrepreneurial character of this company to strengthen, and in 1972, just a few years after opening, the company moved to Monte San Giusto in a 1200 square meter facility, as it needed larger spaces and thus increasing production capacity.



The determining factor seems to be a pronounced ability to combine tradition and innovation. The 1980s then marked the foundation of an already established success, which drove the company to expand its horizons in search of emerging markets, also thanks to the continuous desire to aim for ever more ambitious goals.

Between '93 and '94, the Fabi Women’s collection was born: metropolitan, glamorous, and refined. The affirmation of the brand in continuous evolution is now established. And so, for almost half a century, FABI has been signing classy footwear for men and women, becoming over time an avantgarde company thanks to the gradual and progressive involvement of the latest generation of the family, which has brought new creativity where there was already a consolidated manufacturing tradition.

Today, FABI embodies more and more the essence of 'Made in Italy', a distinctive reality characterized by elegance and style, attentive observer of trends and pioneer of new ways of being, which manage to interpret thanks to great skill, extreme precision and expert craftsmanship. Quality marries tradition and technology: 344 professionals, including master shoemakers and artisans, work closely with IT technicians and latest generation machinery, constantly collaborating to ensure prestigious and innovative products, both in terms of details and the choice of raw materials, always chosen according to rigorous criteria.

The current headquarters, located in Monte San Giusto and inaugurated in December 2004, occupies over 15,000 square meters of covered space: a modern, welcoming and dynamic work environment, with vast areas and delightful internal green spaces... the perfect space for perfect synergies! The entire production process – from concept to design, from manufacturing to sales – takes place within the company, making FABI's product ideal and unique. Our customers are discerning and demanding, confident in their choices, able to appreciate fine footwear and connoisseurs of detail made precious by the handcrafted workmanship of Made in Italy... of Made in Fabi!



Inaugurated in December 2004


Vast areas and delightful green spaces


A modern and dynamic work environment