The SS 24  Fabi Men's Collection represents the manifesto of Made in Italy quality. A quality that comes in different styles and lines but keeps the route towards the desire to ensure shoes that leave a mark. The language of Fabi Men is aimed at those who want class but at the same time a contemporary and versatile look.


Charm, elegance, sensuality.
All this evokes the Fabi Women's SS 24 Collection, which celebrates femininity and enhances it in its most innate and natural dimension. From the craftsmanship of fine materials arise refined models, the sophisticated imprint of every look.

Must have

New F65

Colour and likeness make up the recurring theme of F65 communication.
The SS24 season celebrates the evolution and continuity of the brand through colors, details, and contrasts that blend technique and glamour.

Sustainability as a strength
We have always designed and manufactured high quality products that last over time, paying great attention to the social and environmental quality of the raw materials that are chosen.