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Fabi Essenze: 43 Mind and Spirit, Elisio

With 43 Mind and Spirit, continues the olfactory journey in the 50 years long history of Fabi through the extraordinary collection Fabi Essenze.

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Fabi Essenze: 34 Amarcord, Enrico and the roots of Fabi Maison

Fabi Essenze: Warm, strong, solid and reassuring like Enrico Fabi; this is the fragrance 34 Amarcord, the roots of Fabi Maison.

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Women’s leather boots, style accessory

Made in Italy women’s leather boots, an accessory dedicated to the refined woman, who likes to complete her outfit with style.

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Fabi Essenze, Made in Italy fashion with all senses

For its 50th anniversary, Maison Fabi is going to tell you a story about Made in Italy fashion through Fabi Essenze, to be Fabi with all senses.

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