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Chic sandals with wedges Mon Amour S/S 2015

We have already talked about cork wedge sandals from the new Fabi collection. Today, we want to talk about an exclusive collection of ethno-chic sandals: the capsules collection Mon Amour S/S 2015.

In this collection, the protagonists will be exactly them: the high-soled sandals; colored in bright colors and patterns by the summer taste. Ready to complete you fresh outfits made of skirts, pants and shorts of cotton, linen or silk, Mon Amour chic wedge sandals are the accessories you need to turn your next vacation to the sea in a celebration of Italian fashion.

Here we present a selection of models of designer chic sandals Mon Amour:

Bow – Refined and elegant sandal that combines the strength of the cork wedge to the lightness of the fabric afro-esotic ribbons forming a knot. The details in rope complete the ethnic-chic effect.

Strap – The strap assures your ankle, the wedge shaped accompanies the contour of your foot: this sandal is made to enhance the sensuality and elegance of your foot.

Woven leather – A sandal in which the plots give life to sophisticated optical games. A shoe that knows how to be admired even when accompanied by skirts and trousers in bold prints.

Chic clogs – Ideal to accompany you on summer days, for outfits denoting relaxation and freedom.

Fluo sandals – The characteristic of these wedge sandals is their color: lime green and purple details stand out like neon signs that highlight all your style.

To discover all models of chic wedge sandal from the special collection Mon Amour by Fabi, we invite you to visit our online boutique dedicated to the capsule.

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Spring Summer 2015: the trendy colors of women’s fashion

In the preview of women’s fashion for the spring summer 2015 by Fabi, we saw that the new collection was inspired by a trip to exotic lands. The trendy colors of the creations from S/S 2015 collection won’t will betray this line.

Here, then, the trendiest shades of the season, which complete the suggestions of the lines: Pluvial, Savannah and Colonial, transporting us with the imagination on an adventurous journey where nature reigns supreme.

The flowers of the forest – In the lush green forest, here and there bloom bewitching flowers by the colors at the same time subtle and brilliant: orange and purple pastel reign over all.

The sand dunes – Call it cream or sand: the color of the colonial uniforms characterizes many of the proposals P / E 2015 Fabi, to call unexplored desert expanses with their dunes behind which you can hide mirages or surprises.

The elegance of the panther – Its black coat slips sophisticated and deadly among leaves and bushes. The shadow of the heart of the forest, fixing her prey with patience. The explorer will be aware of its presence only when it is too late to avoid its fashinating claws.

The treasure of lost civilizations – An adventurous journey can’t end without the discovery of a treasure. Gold and silver reward the explorer who wanted to defy nature to discover what lies beyond the explored.

Our exotic journey continues in our online boutique, with the creations by Fabi woman for spring summer 2015.

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Women’s Style Guide by Fabi: how to wear skinny trousers in 5 outfits

Women’s outfit: if your choice falls on long trousers, but you want to show your legs, then there is nothing better than a skinny trouser. Appropriate for an everyday look, as well as on the occasions that require more formality, the skinny faithfully follow the silhouette of your legs and slim your figure.

The new women’s pants and jeans collection by Fabi offers a wide selection of skinny models that will help to enrich your wardrobe with a versatile garment, always ready to solve a classy outfit.

In this style guide by Fabi, 5 outfits for every occasion and ready to be worn, which brings out the best of the contribution of elegance of the women’s skinny pants:

Everyday – An outfit for everyday life, where the attention to detail will crown you queen of street style: designer ballerinas, skinny jeans, blouse or shirt and blazer.

Night Out – For an evening with friends or for a special event, the tight trousers match tremendously with a high heel sandal and a shirt. Do you want to add a touch aggressive chic? Combine this outfit with a biker style leather jacket.

Travel with style – Spring and summer are the seasons when the passion for travel turns on. And every classy woman loves to travel in style, even when practicality is required. The skinny pant is the right compromise. Opt for pastel colors, which make pendant with the colors of summer. To match with chic sneakers and a sports shirt and cardigan.

Office attire – For an outfit that will work well for an important office meeting, the skinny troursers are perfect. Black or white, but always accompanied by a shirt and a jacket. At your feet: a décolleté with high heels.

Special event – Again, the skinny pant light or dark is contributing as a viable alternative option to skirt or dress. An asymmetrical cut knitwear adds a touch of sophistication that is complemented by a high heel sandal Made in Italy quality.

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Men’s Shoes: genuine python, autentic animalier

Elegant, sophisticated, mysterious, exotic and, at the same time, aggressive and deadly. We are talking about the python, the characteristics of which are transmitted inevitably to the accessories made of the genuine leather of this fascinating reptile. The men’s python shoes are the prime example of this fashion magic.

Hard leathery in appearance, the python is, however, an extremely soft and supple leather. As a true man of class, the python acquires greater fascination with the passing years, without ever losing its best features.

Perfect for a summer shoe, this leather also appears to be fresh and ideal to maximize the comfort of the foot even with the heat.

The men’s spring summer collection by proposes the astonishing genuine python derby: the scales of the reptile create a weave that hypnotizes with its natural animal symmetries. The high quality of the leather and the production, the attention to detail of style and design are the elements that make, this Made in Italy shoe, a distinctive style element.

The genuine python derby by Fabi comes in two colors that are sure to thrill both male classic elegance lovers and those in search of a peculiar style: black and blue.

To discover closely this footwear in genuine python from the men’s spring summer collection by Fabi, we invite you in our boutique online and in our stores worldwide.

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Style Guide Fabi man: how to wear the men’s floral fantasy shirt

Men’s Floral fantasy shirt is certainly a garment who bewitches every sophisticated fashion lover. A little exotic, a little eccentric and a bit hippie, the quintessential embodiment of spring/summer is what you need to complete a look full of style. But how to wear this shirt?

For some advice on the matching of the floral fantasy in a male outfit, here is a style guide that you don’t want to miss.

Floral matching

There are infinite kind of floral shirts: from those printed in small flowers of different colors, to those with big petals imprinted on cotton, full of bright colors or the bi-color ones.

The right color combinations, therefore, will be found based on the dominant color (or colors) of the fantasy.

For example, the men’s long-sleeved shirt with flower prints from the spring / summer collection by Fabi is characterized by the white and blue floral fantasy: a real touch of sophistication.

Summer easy chic – To cap a linen suit in clear shades, nothing better than a floral shirt. Too formal? Then opt for a blazer. Here is a selection of must have blazers. And, if you’re wondering what shoes match the outfit, opt for a loafer, a woven leather shoe or, for a touch of class, monk shoes.

Trendy & classy – To show your whole being trendy, at the same time being apart from the crowd, here is the combination for you: floral shirt and chino in light colors. Again, the right shoe is a moccasin (how about a blue moccasin?) Or a monk.

Everyday in style – Put a dash of style in your everyday life: wear the floral shirt with pair of jeans. The right shoe, in this case is certainly a classy sneaker.

To enrich your outfit, choose a designer fashion accessory. Start by the men’s celluloid sunglasses.

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