Sneakers have gained a leading role in the luxury fashion for men and women. The convenience and practicality of the rubber sole and the “relaxed shapes”, typical of sports footwear, have convinced even the most fashion discerning men and women, gaining room in the everyday outfits.

Anyone looking for sneakers of high quality, that stand out from the mediocre shoe production of the commercial market, will have to opt for luxury sneakers: the perfect embodiment of the concept of casual-chic.

What means luxury sneakers? To get rid of ambiguity and myths, here are the inevitable characteristics of each luxury shoe for men or women:

High quality materials – the luxury, in a shoe, can’t be just a designer sign. The materials of choice are surely inevitable in a shoe that want to get the title of luxury shoe. The skin and the rubber that make up the sneakers can make the difference between a whatever shoe and a high-class shoe.

Handmade quality production – The careful workmanship and attention to detail are two key ingredients of a luxury product. The sneakers are no exception.

Exclusive design – Once again, a sign of a great brand of fashion for man or woman is nothing if the shoe looks like all others. The unique design is a brand that is imprinted in the history of fashion.

Comfort – Who looks for luxury, can’t be satisfied. The luxury sneakers are fine and also comfortable.

Durability – High quality materials and production are not just an aesthetic issue, but also affect the durability of the shoes. And luxury shoes aren’t a one-season shoes.

To discover all the luxury sneakers proposals from the new collection by Fabi man and woman, we invite you to visit our online boutique.

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