Elisio, Enrico with Gina and Vilia laid the foundations of a success that has lasted 50 years. Today, Elisio continues to wear his overall and go to the factory to pamper the shoes that bear the signature of his family.

Around him, since years now, flows a vital and creative energy that had the strength to consolidate the Fabi brothers’ dream, the ability to take on new challenges and to find the right tools to address them. The passion is the same and the blood too.

Fabi, second generation

Over the years, they have seen Elisio and Enrico bent to work on their shoes until late at night, weekends included. Have seen their dreams realized at the cost of hard work, perseverance and stubbornness. They breathed the smell of tanned leather, they spent their childhood in the cadenced noise of sewing machines, of hemmers, of the assembly machines. They saw the shoes lined up for quality control become more and more, change shape to anticipate the market tastes.

In the veins of Emanuele, Cinzia, Alessia and Flaminio flow Fabi’s blod and Fabi’s history of these first 50 years. An history that they have lived in the forefront from the beginning, a dream that they made them own, let it grow and become the reality we know today.

For the 50 years celebration, Fabi wanted to commemorate all the protagonists of its own history with a line of essences which tells the story through the emotions that only the sense of smell can tell.

The windows to the world

Elisio’s and Enrico’s intuition, with the second generation, has turned into a concrete strategy. In recent years, the Fabi brand boutiques, with their windows, have appeared on many of the most prestigious shopping streets of high fashion worldwide.

America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East …

With the latest opening in chronological order, Fabi has become an offer of pure fashion experience: entering Palazzo Fabi (via del Babbuino, 16 in Rome), you are immersed in the world of the Maison. Here you can live the luxury with all your senses.

Tradition and Innovation

The new generation leading Fabi was able to capture the two components of the alchemy that made Fabi a signature appreciated all over the world: tradition and innovation. Things done well get married with the new promotion tools; lines of traditional elegance find the balance with a design that is renewed at each collection to contribute define the trends of fashion. The direct relationship with customers continues today with an ongoing dialogue through the web tools: the web sites with their brand magazine, the e-commerce, social media.

The ability to accept new challenges offered by the market is a third ingredient that triggers the alchemy reaction that can transmute entrepreneurial adventure born that day of 1956 in the activity of a fashion house whose signature is known around the world .


…And the story goes on

The 50-year of Fabi are but the first chapter that sets the stage for a story to be continued. A story written thanks to those who have loved, love and will love the creations of the Maison. You who follow us now and who, we hope, want to remain part of our adventure in the world of fashion.

In the picture: Emanuele, Cinzia, Flaminio and Alessia Fabi