The heeled ankle boots are one of those women’s fashion proposals almost impossible to resist. A shoe that stands out for its innate elegance, without leaving aside a strong sensual component, we’re speaking of charming class.

How to wear ankle boots? This style guide by Fabi, will help you select the right combination to create impeccable outfits, starting from high heeled ankle boots, valuing their most distinctive characteristic: that of emphasizing your legs.

Everyday look: skinny jeans or leggings are inevitable allies of heeled ankle boots, especially if you are looking for a charming but disengaged look. If you opt for jeans, try to wear them with a turn up.

Night out: a miniskirt along with heeled ankle boots is a winning combination to gain extra glamour.

Winter glam: how to wear ankle boots for a very special evening? Our advice is to try the match with a knee-length dress.

Dark seduction: let’s go back to the leggings, but only if they are simil leather, to match the ankle boots with an aggressive chic outfit, to turn you into an elegant rockstar by the gloomy charm.

If you too are abandoning yourself to the allure of these women’s fashion footwear, be sure to visit the Fabi collection to be seduced by the charm of many models by the refined design to find new ideas on how to wear heeled ankle boots. If, however, the temptation of heeled ankle boots has already conquered you, we invite you to visit our online boutique to consume your sin of fashion lust.

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