To have a pair of beautiful, elegant and flexible shoes is the dream of many. A dream that Fabi has realized thanks to the combination of two essential elements: quality and technology. In a nutshell: the Fabi tradition and the Flex Goodyear patent.

Fabi has adopted the Goodyear manufacturing method, which made the fortune of the British footwear, revolutionizing it with the new Flex Goodyear patent and creating entire collections of flexible shoes with a self-modeling sole that brings the shoes experience to the highest levels. The craftsmanship and the choice of high quality materials and leathers ensure the quality standards distinguishing the Maison as Made in Italy excellence in the world.

The flexible and modeling shoes soles crafted according to the Flex Goodyear patent is made of several layers of leather, cork, rubber hand-stitched. The result is a lightweight shoe, designed to maximize the comfort.

If you are interested in elegant, soft, flexible and high-quality crafted shoes, visit the web page dedicated to our supply chain to discover the story behind the creation of every single Fabi shoe.