50 years of Flex Goodyear

Discover the Fabi 50 - Flex Goodyear models

Fabi Anniversary

50 years of success encapsulated in the Fabi 50 - Flex Goodyear models

An anniversary that marks a momentous milestone
in the Company's long journey

When Made in Italy is a synonym for passion, style and quality, the level of excellence is acknowledged worldwide. This is the history of the first 50 years of Fabi, an Italian company which started out as a rural family firm in the Marche region and went on to become an international company scaling the heights of the international footwear and fashion scene.
The secret of 50 years of success in Italy and abroad is now held in two shoes: the Fabi 50 models, designed to celebrate an anniversary which is a milestone along the road taken by Elisio and Enrico Fabi when they made the first pair of shoes in an improvised workshop in a cupboard under the stairs in a small town in the Marche.
Fabi has continued since then to make quality Italian shoes, combining the traditional shoemaker's craft with an eye for elegance, innovative design and a passion for the classical. In the top range of footwear, the craft and innovation of the exclusive Flex Goodyear technique are combined with use of superior quality leathers to create elegant, comfortable and attractive shoes.
The essence of the elements which distinguishes Fabi products led to creation of the Fabi 50 collection, with the man's shoes and the women's shoes. Two gems of Italian footwear manufacture which we invite you to discover, with Fabi Essenze, to celebrate half a century of Italian-made products together.

The Fabi Flex Goodyear Patent


Flexible shoes made using the Fabi Flex Goodyear process, where the art of master craftsmen
is combined with cutting-edge technology.

Having a pair of beautiful, elegant and flexible shoes is the dream of many. A dream that Fabi brings true by combining two elements essential to achieving this aim: quality and technology. Simply put: Fabi tradition and the Flex Goodyear patent.
Fabi has adopted the Goodyear process, a perfect union of vamp, insole, sole and welt that ensures the parts are perfectly attached to one another, and revolutionised it with the Flex Goodyear patent, creating entire collections of flexible shoes with self-modelling soles that take its shoe experience to the highest levels. Artisanal craftsmanship and the choice of top-quality materials and leathers guarantee the standards of quality that set the company apart as synonymous with Italian excellence throughout the world.

The flexible self-modelling soles of the shoes created according to the Flex Goodyear patent are composed of various layers of leather, cork and rubber and are hand-sewn. The result is a light shoe designed to maximise the wearer's comfort, thanks to the 102 steps in the artisanal production process. For Fabi, elegant shoes and comfortable shoes are thus one and the same. The pairing of these two characteristics is even more evident in the Flex Goodyear Fabi P/E 2015 collection: flexible shoes that move along with the foot in its natural movements, while also ensuring robust footwear that lasts a long time. The elegance is the work of Fabi's designers who succeed in redefining the meaning of 'classic' with every collection.

The results

Flexible shoes with a self-shaping sole

Maximum comfort and elegance