A collection that tells
the story of fifty years

Fabi Anniversary


Fabi -  Essenze

Important moments leave indelible memories in the hearts of all, with eyes filled with colours and noses intoxicated by unforgettable scents. While colours change every season in FABI collections, fragrances surround us and are able to kindle memories, stimulate dreams, stir emotions and make near those afar or who have passed away. For our fiftieth anniversary, we though the best way of recounting the company's history – which, after all, is the history of our family – was through perfumes. We preferred this gesture for its unobtrusiveness, which is well-suited to our temperament. Rather than homaging ourselves – something we do not take kindly to doing – we would like to share emotions with you once again. Those who desire may use their nose and sensitivity to discover the unique traits of each one of us who, perhaps without realising it, has contributed to this great story

Emanuele, Cinzia, Alessia, Flaminio, Elisio, Enrico



The new collection of FABI perfumes, set to be launched in the forthcoming months, is aimed at people with a demanding sense of smell who are capable of identifying – among the many available today – a fragrance made with artisan care. It is aimed at that growing number of customers attentive to the artistic perfume world who prefer discarding several of the household names found in glittering shop-windows of traditional perfume stores. The utmost care was devoted to each detail of this collection, while the fragrances – all highly original – stem from careful research in which no expenses were spared for the purchase of raw materials. The project was assigned to a team lead by Paolo Fadelli, an expert professional who has been successfully operating for 25 years by launching brands in the artistic perfume sector.

The collection tells a story of success, one of the family Fabi, that cultivating a dream with passion and commitment, carried it out. There are in this story deep feelings, hopes, aspirations, passions, perseverance, and finally memories. Feelings that it's nice to tell with the magic of scents that, perhaps more than anything else, they bind to the memories of Enrico, Elisio, Flaminio, Alessia, Emanuele e Cinzia Fabi.

The Collection


Six fragrances are available, each one representative of the people who've been – and still are – the creators of the company's success: Enrico and Elisio, the founders and their children, Flaminio, Alessia, Emanuele and Cinzia. These six 'scented journeys' are dedicated to them and their dates of birth:

“34 Amarcord”
An incredible blend of damp earth and wood tones, evoking solid ties with the territory and the family. A strong, intriguing perfume with a distinctively masculine essence.
“43 Mind & Spirit”
The fragrance for those who are firmly rooted on the ground yet always willing to take risks in order to improve: the fantastic benzoin, hide and pepper tones blend with grapefruit and geranium tones to evoke a timeless elegance.
“58 Ways & Means”
Intriguing and innovative, it brings to mind charcoal pencils and graffiti, along with the moment in which thoughts start becoming tangible. Signs are always enshrouded in mystery.
“65 Far & Wide”
For people with far-reaching horizons: the peach and peony blossom notes smell of the Far East while the mixture of wood, spices and cardamom evokes India and its incredible scents.
“68 Hopes & Dreams”
The perfume for people who never give up on their hopes and dreams. Or perhaps who enjoy sitting and staring at the sea while letting their thoughts flow freely. Ozone makes a strong impression in this fragrance consisting of a magical blend of tropical fruits and saffron.
“73 Ever & Always”
Wherever and whenever there is something to admire and understand, because the mystery of life lies hidden in all places at all times. The fragrance for people who enjoy living every moment intensely and whole-heartedly. A sensual fragrance with jasmine and rose blossoms supported by a magnificent patchouli base. Distant notes of cardamom, guaiacum and myrrh round off the fragrance.