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Luxury sneakers: outstanding sports Made in Italy

Sneakers have gained a leading role in the luxury fashion for men and women. The convenience and practicality of the rubber sole and the “relaxed shapes”, typical of sports footwear, have convinced even the most fashion discerning men and women, gaining room in the everyday outfits.

Anyone looking for sneakers of high quality, that stand out from the mediocre shoe production of the commercial market, will have to opt for luxury sneakers: the perfect embodiment of the concept of casual-chic.

What means luxury sneakers? To get rid of ambiguity and myths, here are the inevitable characteristics of each luxury shoe for men or women:

High quality materials – the luxury, in a shoe, can’t be just a designer sign. The materials of choice are surely inevitable in a shoe that want to get the title of luxury shoe. The skin and the rubber that make up the sneakers can make the difference between a whatever shoe and a high-class shoe.

Handmade quality production – The careful workmanship and attention to detail are two key ingredients of a luxury product. The sneakers are no exception.

Exclusive design – Once again, a sign of a great brand of fashion for man or woman is nothing if the shoe looks like all others. The unique design is a brand that is imprinted in the history of fashion.

Comfort – Who looks for luxury, can’t be satisfied. The luxury sneakers are fine and also comfortable.

Durability – High quality materials and production are not just an aesthetic issue, but also affect the durability of the shoes. And luxury shoes aren’t a one-season shoes.

To discover all the luxury sneakers proposals from the new collection by Fabi man and woman, we invite you to visit our online boutique.

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Online summer sales 2015 guide: designer shoes for men at the best price of the season

It’s the time of the opportunities that every stylish man was waiting for: the 2015 summer sales are online! And, with them, the many proposals signed Fabi that will allow you to add to your shoe rack footwear of class at discounted prices. The Fabi online summer sales 2015 on men’s shoes offer a wide selection of high-quality Made in Italy footwear with discounts of up to 50%, you can buy directly from your home.

The trendiest models of the season, in the men’s fashion collection by Fabi become designer shoes by the unique lines and quality also underlined by the attention to style details.

Especially if you take the opportunity offered by the discounts of up to 50% and match the men’s designer shoes to the other fashion garments by Fabi at reduced prices. You want some buying tip? So feel free to visit the sections of our online boutique dedicated to men’s knitting, outerwear, pants, jackets, belts and shirts signed by Fabi.

Here is a selection of men’s designer shoes to buy online at discounted prices during the summer sales 2015:

Monk shoes – You can find the most fashion men’s shoes of the season are at discounted price.

Brogue, derby and oxford – When the men’s classical elegance. The online summer sales 2015 also offer the opportunity to complete excellently your stylish outfit for the upcoming ceremony without spending a fortune.

College and driver loafers – Are you looking for cool and comfortable shoes for this summer and you want to find the right balance between quality, style and price? Then take the opportunity offered by FabiBoutique with discounts up to 50%.

Sneakers – Sports, beautiful and comfortable: the perfect shoes for an everyday casual look. Don’t forget to find more about all the models proposed by the spring/summer 2015 collection by Fabi.

Sandals - On the occasions of relaxation, leather sandals are what it takes. Especially if they are Made in Italy quality.

Elegant and comfortable shoes – Elegance is not a sacrifice, and style can be declined comfort. For this Fabi has designed a product of excellence: the shoe manufactured according to the patent Flex Goodyear. With the summer sales in 2015 you can enjoy this excellence taking the opportunity of the reduced prices.

To discover all the models to buy at a discount during the summer sales in 2015 on men’s designer shoes we invite you to stay up to date on promotions of our online boutique subscribing to our newsletter.

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Online summer sales 2015 guide: women’s designer shoes, the elegance’s cheap

When it’s time for summer sales on women’s shoes, there is no doubt: it is the best opportunity to enrich our wardrobe with designer shoes. Beware, however, that the brand of a major fashion house woman is also a guarantee of quality and style.

With the online sales on the women’s designer shoes spring/summer 2015 collection by Fabi, you’ll play it safe. Both for the occasion (the discounts proposed arrive up to 50%), as for the quality signed by the brand. From the most exclusive models to the most classics, updated with details that make them unique, Fabi’s sign is guarantee that your feet are shod with jewel shoes, products of Made in Italy excellence.

The online summer sales 2015 on the women’s footwear collection on Fabi woman footwear make the elegance of high class a democratic issue, without giving up the exclusivity.

Below, a selection of hard to resist models:

Décolleté - The classic women shoes that do not know what it is to go out of style. Perfect to complete a formal outfit or to give a touch of class to an outfit for every day. The sales discount makes them even more fascinating.

Ballerinas – Romantic, comfortable and very summer: here is the opportunity you’ve been waiting to buy a couple of high-class ballerinas.

Flat sandals – The flat sandals by Fabi are the Made in Italy emphasis for your best ethno-chic outfits. Summer has just arrived and you can already wear them, buying them at reduced prices.

High heels Sandals – Wedge or heel? The online sales make no difference: the style choice is up to you.

Ankle boots – Chic ankle boots, combat boots: for the ankle shoe lovers, the sales of this summer 2015 are an opportunity not to be missed.

Loafers - By the masculine elegance, but always inevitable allies of feminine charm (especially in summer), you can find the women’s moccasins by Fabi at the best prices of the season in our online boutique.

Elegant and comfortable shoes – For all those who do not like compromises, Flex Goodyear shoes line can give the best in elegance and comfort in one product.

You can find the women’s shoes by Fabi at a discount for the summer sales 2015: take the opportunity in our online boutique.

The online sales for the 2015 summer are also a good time to match women’s footwear clothing and accessories to create a Made in Italy total look without spending a fortune. Please visit the other sections of our online boutique: bags, outerwear, dresses, skirts, pants, shirts, belts, scarves and shawls.

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50 years of Fabi (part IV): to be continued

Elisio, Enrico with Gina and Vilia laid the foundations of a success that has lasted 50 years. Today, Elisio continues to wear his overall and go to the factory to pamper the shoes that bear the signature of his family.

Around him, since years now, flows a vital and creative energy that had the strength to consolidate the Fabi brothers’ dream, the ability to take on new challenges and to find the right tools to address them. The passion is the same and the blood too.

Fabi, second generation

Over the years, they have seen Elisio and Enrico bent to work on their shoes until late at night, weekends included. Have seen their dreams realized at the cost of hard work, perseverance and stubbornness. They breathed the smell of tanned leather, they spent their childhood in the cadenced noise of sewing machines, of hemmers, of the assembly machines. They saw the shoes lined up for quality control become more and more, change shape to anticipate the market tastes.

In the veins of Emanuele, Cinzia, Alessia and Flaminio flow Fabi’s blod and Fabi’s history of these first 50 years. An history that they have lived in the forefront from the beginning, a dream that they made them own, let it grow and become the reality we know today.

For the 50 years celebration, Fabi wanted to commemorate all the protagonists of its own history with a line of essences which tells the story through the emotions that only the sense of smell can tell.

The windows to the world

Elisio’s and Enrico’s intuition, with the second generation, has turned into a concrete strategy. In recent years, the Fabi brand boutiques, with their windows, have appeared on many of the most prestigious shopping streets of high fashion worldwide.

America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East …

With the latest opening in chronological order, Fabi has become an offer of pure fashion experience: entering Palazzo Fabi (via del Babbuino, 16 in Rome), you are immersed in the world of the Maison. Here you can live the luxury with all your senses.

Tradition and Innovation

The new generation leading Fabi was able to capture the two components of the alchemy that made Fabi a signature appreciated all over the world: tradition and innovation. Things done well get married with the new promotion tools; lines of traditional elegance find the balance with a design that is renewed at each collection to contribute define the trends of fashion. The direct relationship with customers continues today with an ongoing dialogue through the web tools: the web sites with their brand magazine, the e-commerce, social media.

The ability to accept new challenges offered by the market is a third ingredient that triggers the alchemy reaction that can transmute entrepreneurial adventure born that day of 1956 in the activity of a fashion house whose signature is known around the world .


…And the story goes on

The 50-year of Fabi are but the first chapter that sets the stage for a story to be continued. A story written thanks to those who have loved, love and will love the creations of the Maison. You who follow us now and who, we hope, want to remain part of our adventure in the world of fashion.

In the picture: Emanuele, Cinzia, Flaminio and Alessia Fabi


Wingtip shoes: the timeless charm of the English style

A decoration that inevitably recalls a glory of male elegance: the perforated wingtip shoes. Starting with the brogue, wingtip shoes entered the fashion man to stay there and dictate, with their charisma, the casual elegance rules.

Designed originally for efficient drain the water collected on the shoe during the walks in the damp Irish bogs, the perforation has become, over time, an ornament of great charm. A detail denoting sophistication.

Cleared from the runways of high fashion, included in sport outfits, now the wingtip detail no longer garnish just the upper of the Oxfort style shoes, but also sneakers, creating fascinating twists of style.

However, the princess when it comes to style remains the shoe with a perforated mask the leather sole. A shoe that’s always present in the men’s collections by Fabi, combining the charm of the English style with the quality of a fashion accessory Made in Italy. Craftsmanship, quality materials, attention to detail and design can reinterpret a classic to make it exclusive.

Wingtip decoration is not the only surprise that Fabi boutique reserves to the English style shoes lovers. To learn about the proposal of elegance signed by Fabi, we invite you to visit our online store.

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