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Women’s elegant ceremony shoes Made in Italy: design and quality for special occasions

The opportunity that you’ve been anticipating from so long, is approaching. The wedding (or other special event) is around the corner and you still don’t know what wear. What you need is a pair of fashion shoes perfectly matching that dress you’ve always dreamed.

Every woman knows that style of shoes can give a magical touch to every outfit. For a ceremony or other special occasion, elegant shoes are the culmination of a careful selection of clothing and accessories. If you can count on high-quality Made in Italy shoes, result of a fine processing, is an advantage letting you emphasize your taste in elegance.

From the collections of women’s shoes by Fabi, a selection of evergreen models, enhanced by the unique design of the Maison and a fine selection of leathers:

Patent leather décolleté-Classic, butnever predictable. Especially whenyou are relyingonsophisticateddesignsasthose of themodels byFabianddedicated to women by theinnate elegance. 8 or11cmheel.

SuededécolletéRefinedand elegant, with floral decorations. Forvery special occasions. 9 or10cm heel.

Pierceddécolleté-The elegancethat don’t renounce tothe freshness. These shoesare perfectforthe ceremoniesplanned forthe hottest daysof the year. 8 or11cm heel.

Golden décolleté-For those who wantto give theirformaloutfits anadded value. 8 or11cm heel.

Platform patent leather open-toe-A classic of the summer elegancecan be yours.Bi-color black and white(with strap), green and orange(with strap), beigeorblack.

Patent leather Chanel style sandals-Simplybeautiful, with theirdiscreet8cm heel or with the11cm sensual heel.

Closed toe sandalswithstiletto heel-Refinedandintriguing. Patent leatherorsoftsuede.

Elegant sandalswithstiletto heel-A widechoice ofmodels: the real class jewels.

Perforated ankle boots-Perfect fora ceremonyon a warm evening. Foraggressive-chicstyle.

You can find all the women’s ceremony shoesbyFabiin ouronline boutique: discover all the modelsandmake your choice.

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Goodyear welted shoes: the 5 reasons to choose these high quality shoes

Choosing ah high-quality shoe is not just an aesthetic choice. It is a decision that goes in the sense of comfort, the health of our feet and the durability of the shoe. Among the techniques of footwear production of the highest quality, we have to cite a shoes stitching technique inherited from the Anglo-Saxon shoe industry: the Goodyear welting (patented by Charles Goodyear in the first half of 800), the perfect combination of craftsmanship and industry.

What are the reasons to choose a Goodyear welted shoes? Here arethe 5 advantages of the shoes processed according to the Goodyear’s technique:

Solidity: Goodyear stitching ensures perfect adherence of the insole, sole, welt and upper, giving the shoe a top robustness.

Durability: it is precisely this sewing method that makes them so solid, to ensure that the shoes processed according to the Goodyear’s technique will last a long time, beyond the normal wear of the sole (see later).

Convenience: the midsole that fills the space between the insole and outsole provides a comfortable support for the foot, making these shoes beautiful and also comfortable.

Beyond the sole: most of the shoes on the market today, are of disposable quality. When the sole is worn (if the upper resists), the shoes have to be thrown away because replacing the sole would mean to destroy the shoe. In a Goodyear welted shoe, sole can be replaced without any damage to the rest of the structure.

Design: thanks to the particular technique of stitching, these shoes have a peculiar design, in which the upper, in correspondence of the stitching, curve inwards respect to the edge of the sole. One feature that makes these quality shoes perfectly recognizable.

Beyond Goodyear, there is Flex Goodyear

Fabi offers shoes produced according to the patented process Flex Goodyear that is inspired by the now traditional Goodyear welting, to bring the technology to the next level in terms of comfort and durability.

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Designer leather belts S/S 2015, dedicated to the men who know how to give value to details

In men’s fashion are not admitted many quirks. Yet, there are some accessories on which the refinement certainly pays. And the classic accessory in men’s fashion is the belt. Leather belts are, without doubt, among the items most valued by man of real class. Especially when the belts are accessories designed by a big name in fashion.

The spring/summer collection 2015 by Fabi man serves a variety of genuine leather belts, ready to complete any type of outfit. To the leathers used for these accessories, the Fabi’s sign on these belts ensures a production of the highest craftsmanship quality, a distinctive design and the attention to detail.

Below, a selection of leather belts from the men’s collection S/S 2015 by Fabi:

Classic (calf): smooth gloss, matt or reptile print, these belts are based on the tradition of masculine elegance, without betraying a uniqueness given by the style details. Colour: black.

Casual (calf): reptile print for a leather belt that knows how to add a touch of class to casual outfits. Colors: black, blue, brown and white.

Suede: a refined suede belt on pastel tones, a soft embrace of style. Colors: green, beige, blue and blue.

Sporty: braided leather or leather and elastic, to cap off your summer outfit. Ideal for pants in light cotton or linen.

To get some advice on what leather belt style choose, be sure to read our guide: Matching shoes and belt. To discover in details all the models of belts proposed in the collection of accessories by Fabi man S/S 2015, we invite you to visit our online boutique.

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Skirts spring summer 2015: the romantic and the ethno-chic

The unbeatable freshness of skirts makes them the perfect garment to face the summer with a timeless and classy femininity. This selection of skirts of S/S 2015 helps us to choose from some of the most attractive proposals from women’s fashion collection by Fabi: exclusive items for their quality and for the characteristic Made in Italy excellence.

Between the romantic and the ethno-chic, that’s just a taste of a versatile collection, ready to dress the woman of style on formal occasions, as well as every day, offering refined elegance and taste.

Classic skirts

  • Jacquard – For lovers of skirts to the knee, that’s a skirt in jacquard fabric with sophisticated central portion and geometric patterns. It goes well with white blouse and décolleté.
  • 50s style- Very romantic panels skirt 100% cotton, with cotton belt in color contrast. To be combined with top and a pair of pump with ankle strap or T-strap.
  • Silk - When beauty is in the essentiality here is a skirt that can make women dream. Soft colors to match even with bold shoes.

Ethnic skirts

  • Ethno-animal print – Flared and long cotton skirt with rich colors and ethno-chic suggestions. A style that demands to be completed with ethnic sandals.
  • Colors – For colored fashion passionate, here is a palette not to miss to add fascinating nuances to the outfits: silk and cotton are superimposed on a multi layer by the multicolor shades of pastel. Also in this case, ultra flat sandals are indispensable.
  • The very long one – Faded silk and cotton, folders only on the front: this skirt is made to slim your figure and make you naturally elegant as a Masai woman. The flat sandals are a must.


Casual skirts

  • Every day in style – for an elegance that does not ask for the special occasion to manifest itself, here’s a skirt knowing how to combine perfectly freshness, comfort and style. The linen, the straight silhouette and the patch pockets: versatile to create many outfits all in style with the trendiest fashion of S/S 2015. Ballerina or espadrilles with wedge? You choose.
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Preppy style moccasins for men: S/S 2015 selection

Beautiful, comfortable and elegant: in a nutshell, here is what are the strengths of the college-style moccasins for men. A shoe that has consolidated its presence in men’s fashion, losing its “old style” aura with which it was convicted.

Today the preppy style moccasins are back in vogue to give a touch of sophistication to the most elegant outfit, as well as to the most casual.

The men’s shoes collection spring summer 2015 by Fabi offers some irresistible loafers adding, to the strengths of this shoe, some values that make style:

  • The unique design that looks to the classic to redefine it;
  • The craftsmanship;
  • First class materials;
  • Made in Italy quality.

Below, a selection of college moccasins from the new men’s collection by Fabi.

The classic is renewed: the penny loafer – recognizable by the front band college as an evergreen of the preppy style, but renovated in the details. For the pure elegance lovers.

Freshness and elegance: the perforated – If, for you, elegance rhymes with comfort, then try to put at your feet a couple of perforated moccasins.

Soft sophistication: the suede – A shoe dedicated to all people who like to show their class in the choice of materials. For them, nothing better than a preppy suede moccasins with brass terminals.

The extra touch: the tassels – If, for you, “preppy” means “tassels”, then you’ll have to opt for tassels moccasins. Those of the spring / summer men’s collection by Fabi are what you were looking for.

To discover all models of moccasins proposed by the new collection of men’s fashion by Fabi, we invite you to visit our online boutique.

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