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The quality leather of Fabi shoes, the materials that make the difference

One of thesecrets of successof the leather shoessignedFabiisdefinitelythe choice of materials. A careful selection ofhidesthathavecharacterized the productionof the Maison since takingitsfirst steps.

What are theleathersthat make theshoes by Fabi so beautiful, comfortable, strong and durable? Let’sget introduced to the hides kinds and typesand their maincharacteristics.

The main types of leathers in Fabi shose 

CalfAn hidedurable andable tomaintain itselasticity andborbidezzafor a long period.

  • Full grains Calfskin: very precious. This leatherbringssmallimperfections” that make it uniqueandthatnoevidence of askinretouched.

  • Aged calf: soft. Thisprocessingallows to enhancethestrength and flexibilityof the leather.

  • Brushed calf: luxurious. With this finish, the skin becomes shiny, giving an aura of luxury to the shoe. The handmade brushing, with its imperfections, pass on to each shoe all the features of a unique and lived shoe.

Lamb-Asmooth and silky skin, able toensurea good isolation, remaining lightweight. Idealforstuffnot onlyshoes, butalsoglovesandotherwinter garments.

Suede-Comfortableand sporty, the suedeisa hidethatcan be combined with profiled soles. Idealfor casual shoes.

Shoes Fabi beyond leathers

Materialscertainlyplaya key roleina quality shoe, butmust be associated withaprocessthat enhancesthe strengthsandensure itslong life.

Fabihas a longtraditionof quality footwear production that guarantees the correctfinishingof the leather and the best production techniques.

image_42709 agnello image_42112 vit abrasiv

image_41805 camoscio image_41798 vitello


Fabi|CoseBuone project, the excellence of Made in Italy is a matter of hard work, tradition and taste

There is still an Italy made of families who know how to invest in the sweat of their brow, the courage to bet on good ideas, in the heritage of generations long experience, in the constant pursuit of excellence. An Italy that knows still export the idea of luxury and quality that has characterized the Italian industry for centuries.

The narration of the 50 years of Fabi is just the first chapter in the story we want to tell with Fabi|CoseBuone. Because there are many families like ours, here in an extraordinary land as Marche, Italy.

Fabi|CoseBuone project

Those who have read how the adventure of Fabi has begun knows well how was tough to turn a rural family in an international company. When we designed the Fabi CoseBuone project, we realized that the story of our family has a lot in common with that of many families from Marche that today can boast a name well known throughout the world.

We realized that the “magic ingredients” that turn a simple family business in an Italian excellence are the same, beyond what it is produced: hard work, tradition and taste. All topped off with an innovation that does not betray an artisanal approach whose secrets have been handed down for generations.

Despite the exploration of international markets, the producers who identify with Fabi|CoseBuone maintain a sustainable dimension, made of genuine, beautiful and safe products. A reconquer of the dignity of the more “humble” productions, backed by a widespread awareness about the real meaning of the word “quality”.

The protagonists of Fabi|CoseBuone

There’s Massimo who returned to the camps with, in mind, the teachings of his grandfather, Mariano and with the idea of producing the best pasta ever. Today, Pasta Mancini is a brand sounding familiar all over the world to the ears of true lovers of Italian taste.

There’s Maurizio that, with intelligence and passion, was able to open the right channels in a production that does not have secret ingredients: quality fruit, fresh ingredients and craftsmanship. His jams and juices, signed La Golosa, have the flavor of Marche and the taste of the good things of the past.

Paolo’s family have always worked with cocoa. A passion that has crossed generations without fading. Today Paul has marked that passion down on Mencarelli chocolate brand.

The history of Sileoni family starts in 1890. For them, the business has a particular sound: the humming of bees, tirelessly traveling among the flowers of the hills of Marche. Sileoni honey is a product that know how to stand out in terms of exquisiteness and genuinity.

For Egidio, the bond with the land is unbreakable. From the earth he leaks a magic elixir: the potion of “feeling-good-together”. To understand what we’re talking about, you have to raise goblets of Conventino di Montericciardo wine.

Nicola has long understood that a product of craftsmanship quality could become an enterprise on the international market thanks to the internet. Tradition and innovation for Paparini ice cream: the first ice cream to gain the luxury of a boutique.

CoseBuone to enjoy

Fabi|CoseBuone it’s not just a display. From the meeting of excellences were born and will be born creations like the Unique Edition Fabi & Spaghetti Mancini: the handcrafted Italian pasta becomes a tasty occasion style (if you want a hint of preparation, don’t miss our recipes).

Who wants to know what it tastes the Made in Italy fashion can order the taste “Fabi Passion” by Paparini.

And the initiatives won’t stop there. To discover them all, stay tuned on Fabi|CoseBuone.

mancini curi menca sileoni olio paparini


Fashion F/W 2015/2016 preview: ankle boots for women, pragmatic and sensual

Preview on women’s fashion for fall-winter 2015/2016 lead us to explore the diverse world of ankle boots for her. A style of shoe extremely wide that can go from the warm laced-up boots, to the elegant ankle boot, up to the aggressive-chic ankle boot. However, the high-top shoe seems to be a trend that will mark the fall winter 2015/2016 season.

A trend that certainly marks the collection of shoes women by Fabi. Here, we bring you a selection of models that will appeal all lovers of fashion Made in Italy quality and all those who follow long the creations of the House.

Preview on F/W 2015/2016 models by Fabi

Stiletto heel ankle boots - The top of elegance and sensuality. These ankle boots highlight and slender the shape of the foot. Leathers by the various finishing or suede, plain or decorated. Make your choice and anticipate the pleasure of wearing these shoes and match them with your best dresses for a special evening.

Squared heel ankle boots - Elegant, comfortable and versatile, able to solve a chic outfit, as well as an everyday look. The lug sole is a Fabi’s signature for the fall-winter 2015/2016.

Cone heel ankle boots- Aggressive and rich in design details: the shoes from this line are proposed to the woman who wants to add a touch of chic to the word aggressive. Soft calfskin or suede.

Wedge ankle boots – Comfortable and warm: to enrich with style the outfits the coldest time of the year.

Low ankle boots – The heel is not everything. For those looking for less striking elegance, but always refined, there are the leather low boots. Surely more sports, but with no drop of style.

Chelsea boots – A classic of masculine elegance that becomes a symbol of class and practicality even in women’s fashion. A must-see for fall-winter 2015/2016.

Biker style boots – Aggressive and high-tech. These are sturdy footwear to match the sport outfits.

Ankle boots with fur – Among the previews on women’s fashion for the next F/W we can’t forget to mention the laced-up ankle boots with fur. For those who like comfort but hates style compromise.

If you can’t be satisfied with the preview on women’s fashion for fall-winter 2015/2016 and want to discover all the creations of the new collection by Fabi, we invite you to visit our online boutique and subscribe to our newsletter to don’t miss a launch of new ankle boots by Fabi.

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Men’s Made in Italy ceremony shoes, distinguishing men’s elegance


Summer is time of ceremonies and important events (such as weddings, formal dinners, anniversaries …). It is also the time when you can take the opportunity of the major events to add to your wardrobe clothing and accessories of the highest quality to enrich the formal outfits with distinctive details.


Fabi collections of men’s elegant shoes offer a wide range of formal shoes that add, to the timeless class of classical models, elements of excellence such as an exclusive design, the fine leather and handcraft quality processing.


Here a guide to men’s dress shoes perfect for a ceremony and to give a touch of class to your style.


  • Traditional Derby – For those who love a clean and discreet elegance, who knows how to give value to simplicity with quality.
  • Shiny Derby – A timeless classic of male elegance can become your. The details and the choice of materials are the major added value guaranteed by the Fabi’s sign.
  • Elegant blue Derby – For those who want to add a brush stroke of color to the more formal looks for ceremonies, here are the English style shoes in blue.
  • Decorated Derby – When the ceremony offers some concessions to casual, shoes maintain the lines required by the male elegance code, but the upper stands with discrete motifs: geometric ornamental perforations.


Elegant and comfortable – If, for you, elegance rhymes with comfort, then do not miss to evaluate the Fabi Flex Goodyear shoes line.


Ceremony shoes, style is not everything


The design of stylish shoes by Fabi man are enhanced by a choice of leathers that has always distinguished the creations of the Maison. The right accessories to crown the ceremony outfits with real style jewels, products in precious calves or in fine and soft kids, processed with handcrafted quality.


To discover all the models of men’s cerimony shoes we invite you to visit our online boutique subscribing our newsletter to stay up to date with the new collections


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Fashion F/W 2015/2016 preview: ankle boots for men, the must have of the season

Here is a preview on the men’s fashion for fall-winter 2015/2016 that, certainly, will not leave indifferent the high-top shoes lovers: leather ankle boots are back in fashion.

With or without laces, ankle boots impose their presence on the men’s fashion scene to protect our feet from the rigors of winter and to add a touch of non-conformed class to our wardrobe.

Chelsea boots, boots, chukka and combat boots for the man who loves casual chic leather shoes, but also elegant ankle boots. For the coldest time of the year, the uppers become quilted leather for him too.

In men’s fashion collection by Fabi for autumn winter 2015/2016 you can find a wide variety of boots that will satisfy who is in search of classic models, as well as those who want to bet on a style with modern and exclusive design, always under the sign of that elegance that distinguishes the creations of the Maison since 50 years.

The trendiest color of the F/W 2015/2016 is definitely the black. Accompanied by various shades of brown and green.

Preview on men’s fashion: selection of leather boots

Ankle boots – Refined and sophisticated: the leather boots without laces for men will lead the fashion of the season and the new collection Fabi offers many variations of this line. The designs are always essential, to enhance the martial elegance of this shoe, but the detail of style adds exclusivity characterizing the tastes of those who choose Fabi. Also in quilted leather, for those who love to be warm in style.

Chelsea boots – Aristocrats, but also a bit rock, so much that they have changed their name to “Beatles-style boots.” The elastic is their hallmark. Soft leather with various finishes, with or without brogue decoration or suede.

Chukka chic – Born as heavy duty boots, the chukka have been able to conquer a place even in elegant outfits, refining lines and materials. The fall winter by Fabi men proposes many models of chukka chic: from the most basic and elegant, to the most refined leathers by the exotic taste.

The dandy boots – For those who do not like to go unnoticed for their style, the decorate leather boots with straps and buckles, their toes are sharpened and the lines become dynamic.

Combat boots – Halfway between an aggressive chic and a working class 20s revival, leather combat boots for men carve out a charismatic role between the trends for fall winter 2015 2016. If you want to satisfy your style, with shoes Fabi you’ll make yours classy and craftsmanship quality creations.

If this preview on men’s fashion for next season have made you want more of Made in Italy fashion, be sure to visit our online boutique to stay up to date on new product launches for the fall winter 2015 2016.

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