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Knitwear passion: the designer maxi pulls of the 2015-2016 F/W collection

Warm, embracing, able to create a classy outfit with little effort: they are the maxi pulls and they are a must have for this 2015/2015 fall winter. For this, we propose a selection of models of the new women Fabi collection to all the designer and Made in Italy knitwear lovers.

They are extra sweaters, oversize pull, and sometimes sweater-dresses that can be completed with a pair of leggings or collant for a free but always distinctive outfit. Especially if the pieces of knitwear are signed by fashion Maisons that guarantee an exclusive design, quality materials and artisanal production.

Shown below there’s a selection of maxi pulls of the 2015-2016 Fabi women collection:

Over Turtleneck sweater with lateral tears – Perfect for an every day look, and also for a special outfit. Its warm refinement is guaranteed by the 100% merinos wool. Available in black, grey, blue or beige.

Multicolor over Turtleneck sweater – A warm pullover with simplified linear structure with chromatic combinations. To set the tone to every day outfit. 100% merinos wool. Sky blue and beige, tenuous lilac and grey, black and blue, yellow and gray.

Over sweater with boat neckline – Here it repeats the geometric design, but with a more open neckline, that highlights the sensuality of the neck’s lines. 100% merinos. Tenuous pink and grey, black and blue.

Ribbed pullover – A big classic between maxi pulls, embellished by the choice of materials and by the productive quality of a big brand of Made in Italy fashion as Fabi is.

image_43071 image_44230

image_43530 image_43565


Fabi style guides, menswear fashion advices: a shoe a month for the F/W 2015-2016

Fall and Winter, talking about the fashion segment, are two really interesting seasons for men. The necessity to wrap up gives the possibility to show all the class in the attention to details-

With this style guide, Fabi wants to suggest a selection of shoes which will accompany you through all the F/W 2015-2016 season, during the coldest months of the year, without betraying your distinctive elegance. A shoe a month to always be up to the rules of menswear fashion.

The suggested shoes are part of the new men’s collection signed by Fabi: accessories that add, to an aesthetic quality that unites tradition and innovation, a quality made of premium materials and an artisanal production

October: Golf style leather shoes

When the fall starts and the days start to be shorter, the prevalent color is the brown of the leafs that fall. A tonality remembered by the leather of these short lace-ups that emanate elegance.

November: dark brown Brogue

Summer is faraway and those dark rainy days let us remember it. For this period of the year we just have to refer to the English shoemaking tradition, with Brogues: a model of shoe created specifically for the moist soil. This model keeps the moist away thanks to its double layer sole. No worries about the comfort: this shoe is a Flex Goodyear.

December: Leather Chelsea boot

When the temperatures become more frigid and the important events become more frequent, you need a shoe that highlights our refined elegance. Nothing better than a pair of leather Chelsea boots. Warm, comfortable, practical and versatile.

January: Lace-up ankle boot

The coldest days of the year have yet to come, but we won’t let them find us unprepared. Thanks to these  lace-up ankle boots with rubber sole, we’re ready to deal with any weather and prepared for any kind of situation.

February: Derby style shoe

With a robust appearance but actually an ultra light footwear. The  soft calfskin adds a fine touch of comfort. Beautiful in their simplicity and of Made in Italy quality.

March: Double buckle Monk

Winter isn’t over and so is our want of style. Days start to be longer and there are the first signs of Spring. Wearing our buckled shoes and having a walk in the city will be a pleasure.

Do you want some more inspirations to put the style on your feet everyday of this fall winter 2015/2016? The right place to choose your month’s shoe is our online boutique

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Fall winter 2015 2016 Décolleté shoes: a selection of class

Minimalist elegance: décolleté shoes made the history of women’s fashion, going beyond the concept of chic to lead the class in every day outfits. The foot exposed just enough to offer a moderate sensuality, helped in this by the heel which, for fall-winter 2015-2016, can’t be less than 80 mm.

The F/W is witnessing a new contribution to the women’s elegance made in Italy by the Maison Fabi: the new line of décolleté includes some jewels to put on absolutely to enrich any outfit with a detail of high style.

Below, we present a selection of models not to be missed in this end of 2015, beginning of 2016:

Tapered tip décolleté – A must-have for fall winter 2015-2016, this shoe with 110 mm or 80 mm heel is one of the stars of the new Fabi woman collection. The simple and trendy lines are embellished with a worked metal accessory. For those who love the pure form, the tapered tip décolleté are also proposed without decorative accessory. The finishes of the upper in soft calfskin or suede add style to style: hammered, printed effect, laminated effect or animalier. For all those who are looking for shoe to wear for a particular occasion, don’t miss the model in printed suede, tartan effect. The heel is decorated with gold detail.

Blue patent leather décolleté – For an evening outfit, these shoes will give the missing touch of sophistication and refinement with their midnight blue striped effect. Square toe and heel 105mm. Not to be missed.

Brushed leather pump shoes – Still on the subject of elegance and evening outfits, here is the décolleté with square heel 110mm and internal plateau. Solid and graceful at the same time.

Neckline with strap – Two models that add to the undoubted class of décolleté, an element of charm: the strap. The first model in metallic leather with animalier decoration and 110mm heel. The tapered tip calls the trend of the autumn winter 2015-2016. The second model is in black suede, 110 mm heel, buckle and gold details.

image_44889  image_41777_1

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Fabi Flex Goodyear 2015-2016 F/W men collection: comfortable shoes have never been so elegant

Is beauty everything? When we talk about quality shoes the answer is negative. The elegance and the fascination of a shoe have to be accompanied with an important factor: comfort. An element that demonstrates that the product we’re looking at is an excellent one, as Flex Goodyear of Fabi.

The making of a Flex Goodyear shoe is a sophisticated equilibrium between tradition and innovation, born from the long experienced workforce of Fabi which became an international patent that gives to fashion an ancient seam technique, innovating it. The result is a sartorial quality (and comfortable) shoe.

In the 2015/2016 fall winter men collection, Fabi updates the line of comfortable and beautiful men shoes, made with the Flex Goodyear technique. Lines keep being the classic of men’s elegance, but the design details give freshness and uniqueness.

Below, a selection of Flex Goodyear Fabi shoes for men:

Monk – The shoes with buckles continue being liked by men, conquering, for another season, a leading position in fashion. In this model, the elements of style perfectly mix with the comfort of a tailor made shoe.

Brogue – The pierced and swallow tail decorations give a casual touch. But here casual chic reach its maximum expression, because the everyday elegance concept is putted next to the concept of comfort.

Francesina – A classic in menswear that doesn’t wrangle with wellness. What to ask more to a shoe made for more formal occasions or a ceremony?

Derby – Enough elegant, casual without rxcesses: the Fabi Flex Goodyear derbys are ready to accompany you yo every occasion, also all day long.

Chelsea bott – Refines (and also comfortable, in the Flex Goodyear version), the Beatles-style ankle boots give a dandy touch also at the 2015-2016 Fall Winter Fabi men collection.

The moccasin – A champion in comfort and elegance, the moccasin embellish its own contribution to classy menswear  with the Fabi Flex Goodyear seam.

To look closely every Fabi Flex Goodyear model, we’re waiting for you at the online boutique. If you’d rather known how does it feel to wear these excellences in the shoe industry, visit us in one of our stores all over the world. Jump to the following link to discover all the new model from MAN Fabi 50 – Flex Goodyear.

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image_43783  image_44196


Luxury sneakers F/W 2015-2016, the sports shoes for men that make elegance

Fall winter 2015/2016 fashion confirms: their comfort has won on the initial distrust of fashion. The sneakers have quickly captured the eyes and the feet of even the most refined elegance lovers.

When the cheap production is replaced by a quality handicraft process, when the leathers are chosen with extreme care and when the design prefer clean lines and sober colors, the sports shoe becomes a luxury shoe: a viable alternative to the everyday classical formal shoe. Able to accompany us in moments of relaxation as well as in the office, always contributing to our look with his character and easy with its fresh style.

For all those who think that a couple of luxury sneakers are a must have in the wardrobe of a man, here is a selection from the F/W 2015-2016 collection by Fabi and thought, like 50 years now, for classy man:

The designer sneakers – Fabi’s monogram stands, discreet and elegant, on the side of the upper, tone on tone. The soft leather perfectly matches the rubber to create a unique sport-chic shoe.

The brogues with the sporting spirit – It looks like one of the classic models of men’s elegance, but the rubber sole betrays a desire to revolutionize the canons of style. The result is an high quality luxury sneakers.

Running luxury – The lines recall the design of classic sneakers, but the materials and design make real luxury sports shoes. In black or blue.

To discover all the luxury sneakers and other creations of the fall winter 2015-2016 Fabi for men, we are waiting for you in our online boutique.

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