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Leather accessories F/W 2015-2016 for him and for her: the style opportunity

With the coming of cold, comes also the right chance to show off leather accessories. Details in support of a winter style devoted to elegance and comfort in all conditions. But also, as for the designer accessories from the fall/winter 2015/2016 Fabi collection, ideas for quality gifts for her or him for Christmas.

Winter fashion accessories for him:

Leather gloves – The best winter outfit for the man who can’t be completed without a pair of gloves of high quality: produced according to the craftsmanship and the selection of the finest leather. Softness and warmth that won’t leave aside elegance, going from the more classic to the casual style.

Leather belts – In the F/W 2015-2016 collection by Fabi won’t be hard to choose the right belt to complete every kind of outfit. You can choose between matt or gloss belts, with the possibility of opting for refined leathers (like suede) or high quality leather (like crocodile).

Designer wallets – Perfect to be matched with gloves and belts of the collection, the designer leather wallets by Fabi meet the need of man to always interpret the classic elegance in new ways. Designed to meet the style and practical needs.

Winter fashion accessories for her:

Designer gloves – Among the many proposals of women’s gloves for fall-winter 2015/2016, Fabi offers several models of leather and suede designer gloves. Classic cuts that, thanks to details and exquisite workmanship, become unique fashion accessories. Dark brown, brown with metallic accessories, black: your choice.

Leather wallets – Designer wallets are a must have for every woman: just choose the right one. And the Fabi collection F/W offers a wide variety of them. All full of vivacity, but always unique and elegant.

Bags of fine leathers – The must-have accessory to complete each lady’s outfit is definitely the bag. When this functional women’s style equip is also a creation of Made in Italy fashion, the result of careful selection of leather and design, then it becomes like a magic formula that enchants every outfit. To find out more about this accessory, explore the proposals of our selection from the Fabi fall winter 2015/2016 collection.


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Women’s accessories F/W 2015 2016: a selection of leather wallets by Fabi

There are fashion’s details which can express the taste of a woman. The purpose of the designer accessories is right this: showing off the exclusive class, in every occasion of the day. The designer leather wallets for her perfectly comply to this style need.

Why choose a designer wallet

The designer brand of a big industry gives the guarantee of having a high quality accessory. And so is for the Fabi creations. From the long experience in the production of shoes, the leather accessories of the Maison are a mix of quality and design: a fashion item which, thanks to its characteristics, goes beyond every seasonal trend.

The selection of the fall winter 2015 2016 collection of women’s accessories

Below, we want to introduce you to a selection of fined treated leather wallets, from the Fabi fall winter 2015 2016 women’s collection:

Lettering passion – notes wallet, coin wallet with zip, with inside slots for documents: this wallet in saffiano print calf leather has everything you need to be useful. But also the right details to be beautiful. The Fabi designer brand becomes a decorative motif. The brilliant and opposing colors let it be an accessory that won’t be unseen. To absolutely match with the key chain of the same motif.

Multicolor suede wallet – Also this very refined suede wallet of the F/W 2015 2016 Fabi women collection knows how to represent your style with class. The pastel and opposing colors play with the summer characters to bring a sunshine also in the deepest winter.

Pastel monochrome – An unmissable series of wallets (also ideas for an exclusive present) is the monochrome one, which is as the previous on the pastel tonalities. The soft saffiano print calf leather shows itself in all its beauty thanks to a minimal design, and has one only metal details: the plate with the Fabi logo. For the glitter lovers, the laminated or with micro-studs versions.

Velvet or fabric wallet – For a retro touch to your everyday style, the wallet with the clic-clac lock, available in numerous variants, in velvet or gabardine fabric and rectangular or squared. 

The Fabi leather wallets are just some of the accessories introduced with the new fall winter 2015/2016 women collection by Fabi. To discover all the style occasions of the Maison, let’s visit our online boutique of Made in Italy fashion.

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Women’s collection by Fabi, selection of designer outerwear for fall-winter 2015-2016

What are the hottest trends for fall winter 2015-2016 in terms of women’s outerwear? Here we present you a selection of the best creations of the new woman’s collection by Fabi.

Leather biker style jackets – A line dedicated to all those who don’t like to hide their shapes even on the coldest days. The sports biker style jackets made of genuine leather, for an aggressive chic classy and warm but tight coverage.

Sailor style coat – Large collar, double-breasted closure: for all those who love the great classics of men’s fashion. In black polyester.

Gold laminated coat – Perfect for embellishing a look already perfect, here’s a designer outerwear that will shine even in the darkest of nights in this fall winter 2015-2016.

Unstructured coat – If for you designer outerwear is synonymous with unique, then here it is the coat with shawl collar. If you won’t be amazed by its unusual volumes and its unstructured cut, you will be stunned by its brilliant blue and its warm embrace.

Coat for special occasions – Straight cut and round neckline, combined with the wide neck: this designer outerwear is just what you were looking for to cover your special occasion outfits.

Hybrid outerwear – If for you a down jacket is too sporty and a coat is too classic, this is the perfect combination of the two styles: the wool approaches to technical fabric with padding in real down.

The inevitable quilted coat – When the cold requires extreme measures, the down coat is the stylish answer. Especially when it is a designer outerwear, padded with flakes of natural duvet and unique design.

We invite you to visit our online boutique to discover the other proposals of designer women’s outerwear F/W 2015-2016 collection by Fabi.

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Fall Winter 2015-116: down jackets for men Made in Italy, sport with style.

Practical, warm and sport: down jackets for men lost their reputation of technical garment just for sport or cheap extreme-casual garment. They’re pure fashion in the Fall Winter 2015 2016. A characteristic which let them be a typology of outerwear to be used everyday and in every occasion.

From awkward padded jacket, the down jacket conquered the catwalks of men’s and women’s fashion, uniting the functionality of an efficient protection against the cold, and designs that highlight the masculine physiognomy with details and high quality characteristics and details.

For the ones who are looking for high quality down jackets for the Fall Winter 2015 2016, the Fabi Collection proposes some unmissable models which add the excellence of a Made in Italy brand to the charm and the freshness of style of the padded down jacket. Exclusive design, high quality materials, great details, artisan production: a quality which can be seen at first sight.

From the collection of men’s down jackets F/W 2015-2016, here it is one which must be in the wardrobe of every stylish man that wants to face the winter with the right garment: it’s a quilted jacket with hood with technical woven lining and padding of real quilt. To be matched with jeans, or tailored slacks.

For all the ones who are attracted by the sport style of the quilted jacket, but prefer more traditional materials, the Men’s Fall Winter 2015/2016 collection of Fabi proposes the leather jacket that “imitates” the down jackets. They are the jackets and the bombers with soft quilted leather.

To discover more about all the men’s down jackets and the other outerwear by Fabi for the winter season 2015/2016, we invite you to see the new men’s fashion Made in Italy collection in our online boutique.

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Fabi fall winter 2015/2016: designer knitwear selection for men

If, for you, the term “casual” doesn’t exclude the idea of elegance, the Made in Italy men’s fashion offers many occasions to satisfy your need of style. The designer knitwear is an indispensable completion in every man’s wardrobe that knows how to impress the brand of elegance in everyday’s outfit.

In the fall winter 2015 2016 collection, Maison Fabi proposes many ideas to highlight your style with designer knitwear items produced with the most refined materials, with a design that evokes the great classics of men’s fashion, to take them to a new level.

Below, a selection of the men’s collection F/W 2015-2016 of heavy jerseys, pullovers, turtlenecks and polos by Fabi. To discover all the knitwear items of the season, we suggest to you to visit our online boutique.

Merinos wool + kashmir crew neck – As simple as refined: the crew-neck is the sweater that resolves every outfit with a clean style. Especially if the material is excellent (90% merinos wool, 10% Kashmir). In its essentiality, this pullover offers design details that make it unique, as the decorations on the sleeves and the decorative zips. Available in black and green.

Wool + alpaca wide neckline crew neck – A pullover with a fresh design, with plush hand on neckline, cuffs, and lower edge. For the ones who, in addition to elegance, are looking for the maximum comfort, this item by Fabi offers the softness of a viscose inner lining. Available in grey and green.

Virgin wool sweater with patches – 100% virgin wool crew neck, characterized by the presence of patches on the elbows. For a retro elegance. Available in blue and grey.

Extra fine merinos wool turtleneck with zip or button fastening – A slim pullover that protects like a warm hug without making the figure heavier. Thanks to high quality merinos wool. Available in: grey, beige, red, electric blue or dark blue.

Fantasy pullover – For the ones who want to give a touch of vivacity to their outfit, the men’s knitwear collection by Fabi proposes some must-have garments. They are the fantasy pullovers, with their load of retro style.

Extra fine merinos wool turtleneck – For the ones who are looking for a warm clothing, but whit style, the turtleneck offers the right compromise between casual and easy smart. In blue, brown and black.

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