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Original Christmas gifts for him and her: 5 shoes to put under the tree

Elegance is often synonymous with classic. But it can also be something surprising and unexpected, just as a gift for Christmas. If what you’re looking for is a new idea to conquer your man or woman with your style and taste, but also with a hint of originality, here is some advice to astonish or amaze. Unwrapping the present under the Christmas tree, what he or she will discover will be a pair of unique shoes.

Unique for a new design, but also because of the excellence of Italian footwear creations with a long history, renowned worldwide for the quality of their shoes and the materials used.

After presenting the gift guide 2015 for men and women, here are 5 ideas for him and 5 ideas for her to spend some festive fashion Made in Italy.

Gift ideas for him: 5 models of original shoes

  1. Comfortable Flex Goodyear boots – A Chelsea boot with decorative buckle and wingtip decorated with perforations: a unique style that matches perfectly with the Flex Goodyear processing makes this the ideal shoe for a refined man, who won’t overshadows comfort.
  1. Ankle laced with lug sole – Versatile and unique, with the upper in soft calfskin. An ultra light shoe and a very original gift.
  2. Soft boots - Soft like a moccasin, covering like a boot. That’s the shoe that he certainly does not expect to find packed under the Christmas tree.
  3. 3D effect printed derby leather – No special effects: this vibrant men’s shoe is designed by master footwear craftsmen with a very unique design. The reflections on its textured surface certainly will assume interesting tones under the Christmas lights.
  4. Elegant combat boots – Lace up boots for army style lovers. Here leathers undergo different processes (abrasion and hammered) combine to create a unique effect.

Under the Christmas tree for her: 5 unique footwear

High heel suede brogues – A gift she won’t resist: a classic reinvented according to the canons of Fabi who makes it a unique model.

Starry sky pumps – Open toe or not, this shoe knows how to combine elegance, uniqueness and audacity: an idea for a truly brilliant Christmas present.

Heels toothed sole – A trend for winter 2015: the toothed sole supporting the décolleté. She will be delighted, even for your expertise in terms of trends in women’s fashion.

Metallic animalier stiletto heel ankle boot- Merge two fantasies in one: the metal animalier is the true epitome of women’s fashion for winter 2015/2016. The perfect gift for a fashion and sensual Christmas.

Wedge sneaker – Halfway between sports shoe and boot: a gift to enjoyed for the care of the details.

To gather other ideas for Christmas presents to place under the tree in 2015 for him or her, we invite you to explore our online boutique to discover design leather accessories by Fabi.


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Fabi Style Guide: the outfits for the skiing holidays 2016

The skiing holidays season of 2016 are approaching and it’s time to pack your bags to leave for the snowy peaks. What to put in your luggage? We’ll have to think about the various opportunities offered during the winter holiday to compose the perfect outfit that confirm our style even in the icy cold of the ski slopes.

This style guide wants to help you with some ideas for women’s and men’s fashion clothing and accessories to pack in a bag for a skiing holiday in 2016 characterized by a Made in Italy elegance.

Winter holidays 2016: the outfits for him

To enter the scene - Whatever the outside temperature and the condition of the snow are, your arrival on the scene has to be impeccable. For this reason, wear monk style ankle boots, sartorial style wool trouser, a turtleneck and a quilted down coat. Bring your things in a leather bag and backpack coordinated.

Outdoor cocktail – Removed the après-ski boots, you can think about the aperitif while you enjoy the last rays of the day’s sunshine. Face the snow and ice with a pair of ankle boots with rubber sole under a pair of chinos. To protect from the rising cold: turtleneck in merino wool and down jacket with hood.

Dinners and indoor events – As every year, even during the winter holiday 2016 will come opportunities for parties and exclusive dinners. If you bring with you a pair of monk shoes, you will know how to stand out at every opportunity. For an impeccable outfit, match these shoes with warm cotton pants. For the top, a shirt will do.

In the chalet- For the lunch in the chalet choose a pair of suede Chelsea boots, wool trousers, a Nordic fantasy pullover and a quilted leather. Do not forget sports leather gloves.

Winter holidays 2016: the outfits for her

Starting with style – You almost arrive at the destination for your winter holiday 2016. You’re ready to show off a flawless look: suede and nappa boot, long sleeves dress and coat. Travelling bags in suede and calf and trolley.

Dinners and indoor events – The style will not abandon you in any situation. For special occasions, here’s the right outfit: lace up ankle boots with sawtooth sole, straight suede pants and semi-adherent pullover with soft neck. Bag: laminated animalier bag.

A walk downtown for shopping – When you don’t spend your time on the slope, there is time for a bit of shopping. Biker boots in quilted nappa, straight pants, black turtleneck and adherent leather jacket. Gloves: monochrome black tassel. Bag: bucket leather with side pockets.

In the chalet – There is skiing holiday in 2016 without at least a dinner or lunch in the chalet. Lace up ankle boots in suede and rabbit fur, trousers with pinces, ribbed pully, fur vest. Gloves: wool tartan with fur trim. Quilted bag.

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Fabi Gift Guide Christmas 2015: four gift ideas for classy women

Finding the right Christmas present idea to give to a stylish woman could not be that simple. To help who doesn’t want to make mistakes, Fabi suggest the Gift Guide for 2015.

4 identikits of her style to find a lot of ideas for the perfect gift: discover the present under the 2015 Christmas tree will be an unforgettable experience.

Unwrapping the package, your lady will be astonished to receive designer clothes and accessories by a great fashion brand of Made in Italy.

The right idea for a Christmas’ present: a fashion Christmas for her

Four identikit to find the right combination of clothing and accessories that will make the 2015 Christmas a memorable event, spent with you.

Signed present- A signed gift is a surprise that will make her feel special. An idea up to her class.

Quality fashion – When we talk about Fabi’s fashion,we are not just talking about unique design, but most of all, about creations produced thanks to artisan technique and  top quality materials.

Christmas Gift Guide 2015: four guides for the right gift for woman

EXECUTIVE ELEGANCEExecutive Elegance – For a businesswoman, her diligence at work is strong as her desire for style. For her, a selection of exclusive gift ideas:

Shopping stiff calfskin – This bag is one of essential elements of her outfit, with this gift she will bring your memory even in the office.

• Pumps black calfskin brushed - A shoe elegant, discreet and sensual. To complete her executive outfit.

Coat with lapel - To protect her from the cold winter 2015/2016, this is a beautiful and useful gift.

• Longuette Skirt – The perfect skirt for a career woman: elegant and never out of place.

• Boiled wool hat – Warm and stylish, she can wears it every day.

Accessories - To organize the bag in the best way, don’t forget to give her a clutch. A pair of retrò glasses complete the executive outfit: a touch of style with a pocket umbrella and a scarf to protect her neck. The cherry on top is a bracelet, a pair of earrings and a necklace by Fabi.

BLACK&GOLD 16 2Black & Gold – The main colors of the fashion trends for autumn/winter 2015/2016.

Ankle boots in soft calfskin: boot with metallic heel and gold details, trendy and unique.

Quilted bag: A classy accessory for her special outfit.

Elegant clutch: A must-have accessory in her bag, to keep the most precious things.

Leather belt with a golden buckle: The special detail for her black & gold fashionable outfit.

Nappa leather glove with metal details: A perfect accessory for who likes to protect himself from the cold with style.

Vintage wool angora hat: A real touch of class to find under the Christmas tree.

• Accessories: You can’t forget to add something precious to black & gold gift: earrings and bracelets are a must. All this can be completed by matched scarf.

AGGRESSIVEAggressive Chic - When elegance becomes exuberant and sensual, the classical lines become aggressive, but just for fashion.

Suede boots with stiletto heel: stiletto heel, pointed toe, soft suede and cold metal. To wear for special events.

Black leather bucket bag - black leather and metal details gunmetal to looks like a biker’s bag.

Leather jacket – Let’s continue with biker’s suggestion with this jacket with quilted pieces and elastic band in tassel. Only for bad girls.

• Dress with sleeves – A dress with extraordinary Gothic influences, to not be unnoticed.

• Leather and wool coat – This stylish coat a play a game of reflections and opacity, thanks to the combination of the two materials.

The traveler accessories – To crown this look, let’s match gloves with fringe, a necklace design and a pocket umbrella.

SPORTY CHICSporty Chic - Chic and fashion items Made in Italy and the comfortable clothes and sports accessories: the right combination of elegance and everyday practicality. What else for Xmas?

Nappa sneakers – When athletic shoe meets a great fashion brand, the result is a classy sneaker.

• Skinny pants - The sporty elegance allows us to play with the fantasy. If she likes to wear colors, this is rhe right gift for Christmas 2015.

• Sweater with hood- A classic sport item for who loves comfort.

Quilted bag - Techno fabric and leather, elegance and practicality: the perfect fusion of the sporty chic identikit, to wrap with coordinated case.

• Accessories - To add something more to her Christmas gift, remember to give her a pair of sunglasses, for acetate style in shades of blue and a boiled wool cap. Do not forget a colorful scarf for a touch of style.

Did you find the right idea for a fashion Christmas 2015? If you are still uncertain about that, we invite you to keep on searching for the perfect idea on our online boutique.


Original Christmas gifts for him and her: 5 shoes to put under the tree

It is a pleasure to have on our side a refined and elegant man. A person always attentive to detail and who knows how to stand out in any situation. To choose the right present to put under the Christmas tree for him won’t be easy. We want to offer some gifts advice for a Christmas 2015 in the name of Made in Italy fashion.

Christmas present for, him only the best

Four suggestions to match gifts fashion that suit the way of being of our men. Four ideas that will help us make an unexpected gift that will amaze him:

For the style – Among the proposals that you will find in the gift guides by Fabi, you’ll be sure to find ideas from the excellent design that only a big name of Italian fashion with a long history can provide.

For quality – A refined man can recognize the excellence at a glance. So he will appreciate your choice to give him, for Christmas 2015, fashion creations of high quality, starting with the selection of materials, to continue with the design and the attention to detail in the production.

Christmas gift guide 2015: four gift guides for a right choice

GENTLEMEN 43Urban gentleman – Your man is a man of the past? An English style aristocratic perfectly adapted to the big city? Then there is no doubt, for him the selection ubran gentleman will be the gift that hits the mark.

Burgundy brogue – This shoe has the same tones of a glass of burgundy, as this wine has the same taste of a thing done well who knows how to grow old without losing quality. The echoes of country style are found in the typical British pierced decorations. Perfect for pairing with wool trousers.

  • Wool trousers, classic cut – Let him find under the Christmas tree classic cut wool trousers: will be his favorite garment for the winter season 2015/2016 since the evening of Christmas Eve.
  • Tailor quality shirt – A menswear who defines the elegant man: the designer classic shirt. A gift idea that will make this Christmas 2015 memorable.
  • Tartan tie – The suggestions are always British, for a respectable urban gentlement: a tartan tie unequivocally emphasizes the style.
  • Handmade quality leather gloves – To protect his hands with first choice leather from Fabi’s collection.
  • Accessories - A urban gentlemen look can only be completed by quality accessories: business handbag, celluloid tortoise glasses, leather purse and designer umbrella to accompany him on rainy days.

HEART-TONES 57Earth tones – If your man is rational, but at the same time warm and welcoming, for him choose clothes in earthy tones. This gift guide, the gift ideas for Christmas 2015 following this leitmotiv as a natural symphony.

  • Chelsea Suede: A refined shoe, practical and elegant: all features that perfectly describe the characteristics of our man.
  • Jacket in real goose down: Sport, but also warm and versatile, quilted jacket is the gift that he lacked to deal with the winter 2015 in style.
  • Travel handbag: We add a little of brio to earth tones with a travel handbag in ocher. To pack to show up at Christmas with a massive designer and made in Italy gift.
  • Leather Cover for iPad: If your man is smart too, a leather cover for iPad will be the perfect gift.
  • Accessories: you can match wonderfully celluloid shades in brown with a classy watch. A scarf can complete his look, especially if in quality wool. A designer belt is a great classic for Christmas gifts for him: do not miss the creations of the new collection by Fabi.

SPORT ELEGANCE 11Sport elegance – When elegance and sportiness come together in one man, the perfect Christmas gift for him can range in the world of classy casual.

  • Brogue shoe without laces – Rubber sole as a perfect sneaker, upper in soft calfskin and adorned in tip brogue. What can be called a perfect hybrid of classic and sports. An idea for an original and perfect fashion gift for Christmas in 2015.
  • Pullover with patches - A menswear in extra-fine wool that will accompany your man until next spring.
  • Technical fabric jacket with hood – Youth and absolutely sports cut. To match completely, the same gift bag, a pair of leather and wool gloves.
  • Nappa leather gloves and wool – An inevitable kit and a perfect gift for this 2015 Christmas, especially if the gloves are signed by a big fashion Maison as Fabi.
  • Retro sunglasses – For a little gift of great style, the retro sunglasses in acetate is the idea you were looking for.
  • Leather wallet – Linear and sophisticated elegance for this wallet is in the details (and the absence of excessive elements).
  • Traveler accessories – Your man is a serial traveler? Then he will be pleasantly impressed when he will find a trolley or a beauty case in black leather.

WINTER SKY 35Winter sky – Mysterious, dark and unpredictable as the winter sky, but also clear and deep: this description fits your man? So here is the right selection of gift ideas for Christmas 2015.

  • Derby brogue blue suede – A shade of blue that can be matched only by a winter night. The refinement of the suede that only a classy man can exploit.
  • Tailored wool trousers – The melange effect remind of a clear sky in a night of midwinter, like that of Christmas 2015. To combine with a wool jacket and a belt in suede.
  • Suede belt - An exclusive detail that knows how to give a tone to any outfit toplace under the Christmas tree.
  • Wool deconstructed jacket – Can make the perfect pendant with trousers and complete the look with class.
  • Blue jacket with removable duvet – perfect for the most cold winter days, as well as for cooler evenings of spring (removing the duvet). An elegant and mysterious blue launches reflections.
  • Blue merino wool crewneck - Wearing it is like a warm embrace, despite its light weight. The color is one that wins.
  • Accessories for him in blue – To put in a single package: the diamond patterned scarf in shades of blue, a leather cosmetic bag and an umbrella to take bring with him.

With the gift guide for Christmas 2015 we wanted to suggest some combinations, but the proposals and gift ideas for an elegant man continue in our online boutique.


Men’s ankle boot winter 2016: the stylish high top shoe

Among the most interesting men’s fashion winter shoes, ankle boots definitely have a place of honor. Comfortable and refined, suitable for many occasions, thanks to the variety of models proposed.

For winter 2016 ankle boots are a men’s must-have and, to help you choose the model closer to your idea of casual chic, here is a selection from the new collection of men’s ankle boots by Fabi F/W 2015/2016.

Flex Goodyear boots – From an excellence production by Fabi, a shoe that adds, to the design of absolute elegance, the comfort and the value of a craftmanship quality production. Suede blue or green.

Suede desert boots - A model of ankle boots for men dedicated to lovers of the desert boots  genre. In beige.

Suede Chelsea boots – Sporty and elegant together. The class of these ankle boots is all in their being minimal in detail and rich in quality.

Brushed leather Chelsea boots – Classic ankle boots embellished with decorative and stylistic details. Perfect to complete a look that provides a tailored trousers, a pullover and a designer quilted leather jacket.

Ankle boots with straps and buckles – Buckles have been the most pronounced trend of recent seasons. A trend that will not abandon men’s winter 2015 fashion. Straps and buckles come to decorate Chelsea style boots to make them unique.

Beatles style boots - Elegance tinged in rock, with a clear reference to the style of the Fab Four and with the unmistakable class of Fabi (premium leather, hand-crafted production and metal details.

Men’s ankle boots – Lace up boots of brushed off and hammered leather, perfect to face the colder months of 2016.

Reptile print calfskin boots – A pearl of the Fabi men’s collection F/W 2016, a shoe full of unconventional style.

The discovery of ankle boots and other lines of men’s shoes for the winter 2016 continues browsing the men’s shoes section of our online boutique.

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