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Preview on men’s fashion S/S 2016: light as elegance

The long tradition of Fabi Shoes has always renewed the classic elegance to introduce innovative and never predictable elements. This preview on men’s spring summer fashion signed by the Maison won’t contraddict this strong point that has allowed, as always, to combine tradition and innovation to create something unique.

For the warm season of 2016, the Fabi’s man is a lover of style as much as of comfort. The materials, always first choice, are blanded thanks to hig-tech manufacturing, but with the same attention to detail and expertise of a craftmanship product in treating the hides.

Central player on the men’s spring-summer 2016 will be the Flex Goodyear processing: form a patent by Fabi, a method of production that makes the shoes reach the top of comfort thanks to excellent flexibility and a fit that conforms to the foot.

Chic comfort – Soft leather, bright colors and comfortable processing: the spring-summer by Fabi man is anticipated as a fashion season full of luxury comfort. The fine and refined leathers (such as cow or ostrich) are treated and processed with traditional methods to serve flawlessy men’s style, even when freshness and flexibility are guaranteed.

Urban luxury – Models that have made the history of Fabi, reborn in spring summer 2016 thanks to special processings like the sacchetto processing and rubber soles brushed off moccasins. To maximize the pleasure of the fit without betraying the elegance that characterizes the men’s fashion of the Maison.

Sporty elegance – In these previews on the 2016 men’s fashion we can’t forget the stars of the next Fabi’s collection: the sneakers. A wide range of sports shoes declined to four different lines: the classic, mono and bi-color and a running revisited. In the S/S 2016 of sneakers will prevail clean lines, white, leather and pastel colors. The hides are processed in twists and holes to make the sneakers lighter and fresh. Lace-ups will be accompanied by the slip ons. A comfortable and versatile shoe that can complete even the most formal outfit.

If this preview on men’s fashion for spring summer 2015 by Fabi has not satisfied your desire to learn about the trends of the next season, do not stop to this preview and discover all models soon be launched in detail. Come back often in our online boutique and stay up to date on men’s fashion Made in Italy by subscribing to our newsletter.

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Women’s fashion winter 2016, chic quilted jackets selection

For women’s fashion, the winter 2016 too will be the right season to wear quilted down coats and jackets. The inevitable sporty-chic outerwear in every classy woman’s wardrobe.

Comfortable, warm and sports although versatile, quilted down jackets for women are ideal for an everyday casual elegance.

The following is a selection of the best quilted coats of the season for woman: those designed and produced by a major brand of Italian fashion as Fabi.

Semi-adherent quilted coat- Coat padded with natural flakes of down, characterized by flared sleeves and the large turtleneck. Available in brown.

Quilted jacket-cape – In this creation of the Maison, the turtleneck quilted coat is paired with a woolen cape in matching tones. Available in blue.

Quilted down jacket with hood and fur – In Sahara style, this adherent down jacket offers a warm embrace thanks to fur, and provides protection even in the rain with a removable hood. The color are dark brown or black.

Straight down coat with fur-lined hood – A real hot ally of style, ideal to accompany us on a skiing weekend. The fabric of this jacket is embellished with inserts in leather and fur (removable) beading cap. Blue color.

Quilted jacket – Short two piece jacket wool and padded. To fit in all kind of cold. In blue.

Hybrid coat – wool coat with quilted sleeves. The padding in real down and detachable fur edging add warmth and value to this coat. In blue and white.

The quilted coats and jackets are not the only outerwear proposed by winter fashion by Fabi. To discover them all, we invite you to visit our online boutique.

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Real fur vest 2016: style and quality

When the women’s classic elegance meets the sport and the best materials, the women’s fashion gives birth to garments by the extraordinary charm, like the fur vest.

Perfect to face even the coldest days of 2016 winter with the classy woman’s style, ideal to create unexpected combinations, especially thanks to the shade offered by the winter collection of furs by Fabi. Light gray, dark gray, burgundy, green: a choice left to the taste of those who want to add this jewel of Made in Italy fashion in their winter wardrobe.

The refined real fox fur is the valuable material which, together with a working painstakingly and unique design, adds value to a must-have creation of the winter 2016.

The two faces of the same style: double face vest in real fur

The fur vest by Fabi is the perfect outwear to take with you on a skiing holiday. To the innate sportiness of the sleeveless coat adds a feature that makes it unique: the double face. On the one side chic fur, on the other tech fabric vest fur-trimmed with a soft fox. The comfort of a warm outerwear bearing the year 2016 as a mere birth date, but with an eternal life and timeless style.

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Online Winter Sales 2016 on Made in Italy shoes: 50 years of Fabi at a discount

To wear a shoe by Fabi for man or woman means wearing 50-year of shoe’s history. Half a century of Made in Italy excellence in terms of the choice of leather, production and design. The Online Winter Sales 2016 give the chance to realize this dream with a discount of up to 50% of the original price.

A wonderful opportunity for all those who have waited until now to add to their wardrobe an excellence of Italian fashion: one of the shoes of the autumn winter 2015/2016. The elegance of the creations by Fabi and the quality of men’s and women’s footwear produced using traditional techniques can be yours at a reduced price and without sacrificing the opportunity to wear a trendy accessory of the season.

With all the convenience of an online purchase, and with the convenience of our online boutique, seize the opportunities offered by the Winter Sales 2016 is just a click away.

Shoes for men and women are not the only fashion creations by Fabi on offer on the occasion of the Sales 2016. Thanks to the discount up to 50% offered to all visitors of our online boutique, you can renew your entire wardrobe with style and quality. Dresses, jackets, pants, shirts, bags and accessories: the Winter Sales 2016 opens a period of opportunities to give the right accent to your style with the Made in Italy fashion shoes designed by Fabi.

The appointment with the best prices of the season on footwear for men and women and the other garments and fashion accessories is the online, in the Fabi Boutique.

For Him

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For Her

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2016 New Year’s Eve outfit for him and for her: party guides

If there is a fixed date with a party, during the year, is definitely the New Year’s Eve. Styles to celebrate the old year that is ending and the advent of the new year can be infinite. That’s why we want to give you some guidance to find the right outfit for him and her depending on the type of party that you will celebrate on the occasion of the New Year’s Eve 2016.

In the club – An evening of fun, music, dance and special meetings.

Look for him: buckled shoes, wool trousers, shirt with floral pattern.

Look for her: ankle boots with gold heels, Chino pants with pleats, white shirt.

Let’s party in the streets – The magic of New Year’s Eve party in 2015 is renewed on the streets of the city.

Look for him: sneakers effect usured, jeans, hoody, quilted leather jacket.

Look for her: suede ankle boots, dark jeans, pullover, slim fitting leather jacket.

With friends – Just a few (or many) friends: a dinner, a chat, a fantastic opportunity to gather together.

Look for him: sneakers, wool trousers, shirt and retro leather jacket.

Look for her: suede ankle boots, dress and ¾ coat.

Just you and me – A romantic evening for two, while the outside world goes crazy.

Look for him: sneakers, wool trousers, shirt and retro leather jacket.

Look for her: suede ankle boots, dress and ¾ coat.

Out of the city – The house in the mountains, in the sea or in the countryside, alone or together with many people does not matter, as long as is elsewhere.

Look for him: ankle boots with buckles, wool pants, knit turtleneck and long jacket with hood. Do not forget to bring a leather backpack with everything you need.

Look for her: low-heeled boots, long-sleeved dress, fur vest.

Need more ideas for composing an unforgettable look for the New Year’s Eve party in 2016? We wait for you in our online boutique for other style cues.

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