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Spring down jackets 2015: a selection for men and women by Fabi

A lightweight down jacket is the perfect spring outerwear. An ideal jacket to complete the sporty outfits, without leaving aside the style. Resistant, versatile and warm enough (and where it is needed) to protect and ensure the total comfort in the cooler evenings of the warm season.

Fabi’s Spring 2015 collection offers a choice of light quilted jackets dedicated to the men and women who always want to stand for style and sophistication. And, for sure, with the down jackets by Fabi, they’ll choose a brand that can boast 50 years of success in the Made in Italy fashion. A tradition enhanced by continuous research on materials: the real secret of these jackets in ultra light quilted fabric.

Below, a selection of the most exclusive creations of the collection that you can find in the online boutique and in the shops around the world.


Women’s jackets

The tech jacket – For nostalgic of the ski holiday, here’s a lightweight quilted jacket that will bring a little of mountain sport mood even in hot weather. Short sleeve. In red, blue and black.

Jeans cut – The classic lines of the jeans jacket make this a unique lightweight down jacket: double breast pocket with flap, big buttons, cuffs and hem in evidence. Long Sleeve. Bicolor: blue and mauve pastel.

Chanel style – A full class for a chanel style jacket made absolutely unique by the technical quilted fabric. ¾ sleeves. In blue, gray or black.

Floral Fantasy – If you were looking for a spring down jacket really special, you just found it. Rich floral print that gives movement and adds color. Short sleeve. With base in gray or blue.


Men’s jackets

The down-blazer – Elegantly cut and sporty: ideal for the formal outfits. The beige color gives the final touch to its versatility.

Quilted vest – Shelters only what is necessary and it’s the quintessence of sportsmanship. But always with the style that characterizes all the men’s and women’s light quilted jackets from  the Spring 2015.

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Women’s fashion S/S 2015: ethno-chic sandals, style with freshness

By the basic structure, but by the soul (and details) tres chic: this are the ethnic-inspired women’s sandals form the spring/summer 2015 collection by Fabi. A wide range of high quality footwear dedicated to the hottest time of the year.

These are flat sandals inspired by the tribal footwear, but embellished with details of design, quality materials and production that distinguishes Fabi’s creations, an excellence in Made in Italy footwear.

Below is a selection of the most beautiful models in the collection: a journey of discovery among the creations that most characterize the collection with their tropical mood.

The flip-flops – A summer classic, with a touch of class. The shaping of the sole follows the seductive silhouette of the female foot. The bands are in suede and metallic leather in pastel colors.

Crossed strings – Simple and elegant, perfect to match a fresh summer look. The details in silver complete the design with classy touches.

Gladiator sandals – If you are passionate about women’s shoes for the summer, surely this is a shoe that has to be present in your shoe rack. Here, the finishes and patterns make sandals this collection Fabi woman, a real ethno-chic jewel. If you want something absolutely unique, try the high gladiator sandals.

Flat T-strap - For those who opt for comfort without sacrificing style.

Stripes sandals - Perfect to go with a linen skirt or a cotton skirt printed with floral or ethnic patterns these sandals, embellished with cabochons and rhinestones, will underline your unique style.

Do you want to discover all the ethno-chic sandals from the new women’s collection spring / summer 2015 by Fabi? Then we invite you to visit our online shop or our boutique worldwide. If, instead, you are into high-heeled sandals, read here.

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Men’s fashion: 5 must have blazers for the S/S 2015

Even when it comes to casual, classy man knows that the jacket is a distinctive complement that has no equal. Wear it with the shirt, with a polo shirt or even with a t-shirt, but the jacket is a real touch of class to any outfit.

Choosing the right material will help you make, the blazer, a valuable ally of style even on the hottest days of the year, ensuring the right freshness and breathability: opt for light cottons and linen. To make the light fabric it less obvious, choose pique or network pattern finishing.

To give greater prominence to your shape and for an extra touch of sportiness, the right choice is the stretch cotton.

Are you more classic or casual? In the first case, choose a man’s jacket with two buttons, in the second opt for a three-button.

To help you in choosing your blazer for spring summer 2015, we offer a selection of the new men’s collection by Fabi:

The cooler blazers: for maximum comfort (and style) even when it is hotter, linen jackets are the best. The single-breasted two-button blazer with mesh pattern will be your distinctive garment for spring summer 2015.

The more comfortable jackets: a comfortable blazer, without discounts on class? The answer is the stretch cotton. To get a jacket for every informal occasion, beige is the color.

The Rock-chic: if you love the unique and aggressive looks for special evenings, do not miss the chance to show off the bi-materials stretch cotton and leather inserts blazer.

Sports special: when the lack of finishing is a calculated detail, the blazer is deconstructed: full casual.

Nel blu dipinto di blu: do you love the summer colors? Then the color for your blazer is blue.

All jackets blazers of the new men’s collection S / S 2015 Fabi be found in our online boutique. But first, be sure to read our guide about choosing the right length of the jacket.

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Cork wedge sandals S / S 2015: the desire of summer is fashion

Whether you want to wear them with a long skirt, a pantskirt, linen trousers or a short, cork wedge sandals at your feet are the unmistakable sign that the summer is here and that your style desire is high.

Elegant but casual, fresh tastefully retro but never out of fashion: in the spring summer 2015 the cork wedge sandals revival will delight all high-soled sandals lovers. And the new women’s shoes collection by Fabi leaves ample room for the choice of the model that best suits your taste and style. The wedge shaped lightens the structure of the shoe to make it curvy and always refined; the selected materials make it a shoe of prestige, which does not hide the quality of a Made in Italy production.

Below, a selection of sandals with cork wedge you’ll  find online in the Fabi boutique and  in the shops around the world.

Ethno chic – The cork wedge is lined with laminated leather, the saffiano leather upper is decorated with ethno animalier fantasy. 12 cm heel, the wedge measuring 4 cm.

Summer night – Not hard to imagine these sandals on our feet for a special occasion, a memorable evening with a sea view. Cork, patent leather and suede, metal accessories, gold finishing: a mosaic of tactile sensations that seduce even the eyes.

Sandal with strap – The sophistication for every day: this sandal with cork wedge will be your constant companion to color the warmer days of spring summer 2015. The ankle strap is embellished with a pendant with the Fabi’s logo, to stress the exclusivity of this shoe.

Slingback – Versatile and elegant: these cork wedge sandals are characterized by the heel strap. Suede and patent leather uppers perforated with geometric pattern. The wedge measuring 4 cm, the heel measure 12. Freshness, style and comfort: these sandals will give your outfit a real touch of class.

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Driving moccasins S/S 2015: champions of sporty elegance

With their characteristic studs who go up on the heel, which avoid slipping even when the foot is in the typical tilted posture during the drive, the driving style moccasins are the quintessence of the masculine sporty-chic. The ideal footwear to accompany your fresh outfits for the spring summer season.

Soft, cool and comfortable ideal for the leisure outfits, not sin in style thanks to their classic lines. Above all, then, if your choice will fall on the creation of a large fashion house that ensures not only a prestigious signature, but even excellent materials, attention to details and delicacy of the workmanship.

The Spring Summer 2015 men’s collection by Fabi offers a range of driving moccasins, to accompany you, with an unconventional class, in the warm season of the year.


The soft leather or nubuck, of extraordinary freshness, are machined with a smooth finish for the classics lovers or with crocodile print for those who want to give a touch of exoticism to their sophisticated outfit.

Style Details

While the classic enriched with Fabi’s accents is always irresistible, contamination, as it happens in the most fascinating creations by Fabi, is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the iconic models of this collection. Then the typical rubber notched sole plays down the band recalling the penny loafer style. To add a touch of adventurous charm, but always refined, contribute the laces decorating the neck of this shoe.


Spring and summer are the seasons of color. Then, grant to your outfit a bright colorful note. Alongside the more classic black and brown, blue, teal, blue and white widen the choice of style.


Men’s driving moccasins from the collection S/S 2015 by Fabi are waiting for you in our online boutique. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date about all the models launches from the new collection.

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