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Fabi Man S/S 2015 style guide: a shoe for each occasion

The style does not have seasons, that’s true. Yet, the spring and summer have something special: maybe it’s the desire to enjoy the outdoor among people, or the desire to express joy through what we wear. In this Fabi style guide dedicated to the men of class, we present a special selection of footwear that will help you choose the right shoe for each occasion awaiting for you in the most beautiful season of 2015.

Do not know what to wear for the next event that will brighten your spring and summer days and nights? Follow us to find the right tip of style, to compose distinctive outfits starting from footwear.

Ceremony - When it comes to style, the ceremony is the queen of the special occasions. Here elegance is not an option. The right footwear is a shoe with classic lines: a derby by Fabi will do the work. To be accompanied, of course, by a dress.

Business meeting – Don’t believe what they say around: the book is judged by the cover. The right attire can make a difference, especially in professional environments. To demonstrate class and taste adds points to your professional ties. Nothing is better than an informal stylish shoe. Choose a shoe with buckles: the monk shoe.

Evening out with friends – Evenings are pleasant and the clubs also open outdoor spaces. Nothing better than an evening with friends. To demonstrate once again your impeccable style and your ability to keep pace with the trends, opt for a laceless sneaker.

Weekend out-of-town – Put yourself behind the wheel of your sports car, ready for a fantastic weekend out of town. At your feet there will be the driving moccasins.

Dinner date – The special night has arrived: restaurant on the boardwalk, fine dining, candlelight and Made in Italy shoes at your feet. For the occasion, put on a pair of moccasins.

Romantic Picnic – A beautiful day, a lawn away from it all and a basket full of good things to eat. What more to spend a beautiful and romantic day of this spring or this summer? For the tour in two, choose a couple of fresh woven leather shoes.

Boat trips – You do not want to miss the opportunity to match your look to the occasion? Then wear beautiful boat shoes.

Do you need other style cues to complete our best outfits for spring summer 2015? Then please visit the Fabi online boutique and discover all the men’s shoes new collection.

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Colonial style fashion: 5 outfits

When the heat becomes stifling and the desire for fresh clothes is a must, the fashion goes to look for inspiration in areas far from the everyday. It dusts off the exotic lines, the colors of the tropics, the tissues that rhyme with lightness.

The colonial-style fashion can be definitely an inspiration to create the best outfit for the warmer days of spring and summer. As in a fashion safari, the trophy that we’ll bring home is the appreciation of the people who will seize our ability in this style game.

Directly from the new spring/summer Fabi collection, we propose 5 colonial chic outfits matching garments and accessories of exclusive Made in Italy fashion. 5 suggestions taking us back to colonial adventures in exotic countries told by great writers like Kipling and Conrad. As a modern Karen Blixen, we will venture in the savannas and grasslands wrapped in our stylish urban romantic charm. As a sad Pearl Buck, we’ll bring in our daily lives a little magic of distant lands.

Kenya – Who among us has not read (or seen) My Africa? If between the grasslands of our daily safari is wandering a lonely and mysterious Robert Redford, we would be ready to welcome him with a flawless colonial style outfit: lightweight suede jacket, shorts and canvas and leather combat boots.

Zanzibar – The Spice Island, the crossroads of cultures. This magical land can only inspire a special look: white cotton shirt, beige linen trousers and women’s laced-up ankle boots.

India – Are you ready to fall in the arms of a strong and bewitching Kabir Bedi in the guise of a Salgarian Sandokan? If you fall in his arms with the style that distinguishes us, be sure to wear a shirt in pure colonial style, a cotton cigarette trousers and beige décolleté.

Ceylon – Here our adventure smells of green tea. Imagine walking along the paths that climb the side of a lush hill planted with tea plants: what do you wear? We recommend a cotton shirt, with details in linen and mandarin collar. If you want a total colonial look, then be sure to match the shirt with a fresh and comfortable cigarette pant in linen and with a pair of slip-on.

Australia – A land so arid and dusty, immense and fascinating. Here, the origins of the earth are passed down from generation to generation through the songs of the Aborigines, as tells us Chatwin in The Songlines. To immerse ourselves in the dominant nature of Australia, let’s accompany the linen pants capri model with a safari shirt and a pair of espadrilles with rope wedges.

If you want to recreate one or all of the proposed outfit, be sure to visit the shoes, shirts and pants sections of our online boutique Fabi. Do you want to add a touch of style? Then complete your outfits with a scarf or a bag in colonial theme.

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Elegant and comfortable: a selection of shoes from the Flex Goodyear S/S 2015 collection

Elegance is everything? For some yes. For others, however, the elegance without comfort is only a matter of facade. For Fabi, elegance is something that pervades every aspect of a fashion creation. Materials, designs, details and production. Simply put, the elegance is the manifestation of aesthetic quality.

Elegant shoes and comfortable shoes, therefore, for us is a synonym. A match that became even more pronounced in the Flex Goodyear Fabi S/S 2015 collection.

From the Fabi’s long experience in high level footwear production, where tradition and innovation blend together perfectly, comes a footwear manufacture patent dedicated to the improving of the shoes fit experience.

The Goodyear manufacture by Fabi

The Goodyear stitching is a classic of shoemaking: the perfect union of upper, insole, outsole and welt that guarantees the perfect adhesion between the parts.

The research and the Fabi shoemakers masters’ skill, who still sew shoes by hand, have brought this production technique to a higher level.

Flexible shoes, accompanying the foot in its natural movements, ensure, at the same time, the robustness and longevity of the shoe. Elegance is the contribution of the Fabi’s designers who can, in each collection, redefine the concept of classic.

Comfortable and elegant, in a nutshell: Flex Goodyear

From the Fabi Flex Goodyear S/S 2015 collection, here is a selection of stylish shoes for special occasions or for everyday, to enrich your wardrobe with a classy shoe that doesn’t leave in the background your wellbeing.

Derby – Do not be fooled by the model: here the more classic formal manages to come to terms with the casual, thanks to the soft nubuck by the woven print and the used details.

Oxford Brogue – The quintessence of style made shoe. A slight aged effect gives even more charm to the dovetail decorations.

Derby Brogue – More sports than the previous, but always ready to give style to your outfits. The effect of the old soft calfskin gives nuance appealing for a versatile style.

Monk – From an irresistible trend of S/S 2015 here are the shoes with the buckles in an extra comfort version.

Moccasin with tassels – Refined and sophisticated as a liquor seasoned: college moccasins have never been so comfortable.

Do you want to discover all the elegant and comfortable shoes from the new collection by Fabi? We invite you to visit our online boutique.

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50 years of Fabi (part II): from sharecroppers to industrialist

Think, grandchildren, your grandfather in thirteen years had passed from sharecropper to industrialist; all this just by force of work and without the help of anyone.

The factory was everything we had and we defended it with nails and teeth

Elisio Fabi

1972: The first factory

After the initial period of sacrifice and renunciation, spent to counterstrike of fate Fabi manage to finance the construction of a factory in Monte San Giusto, to be precise in Villa San Filippo. It was the first factory in the area and, at the time, it was not easy to find labor, although there was plenty of work.

1975: excellence in workmanship kids

Thanks to the quality hides supplied by Sancho Tannery, the brand became a Made in Italy excellence for the production of classic footwear man kid. “We had become a leader in Italy in the processing and production of kids classic footwear,” recalls Elisio Fabi. The specialized processing, using techniques and equipment for processing of hides even thinner. The result was a sample with few varieties but in great demand.

1979: The new factory

For a company that works in the fashion, the factory is also a matter of image. Although built a few years earlier, the old factory started be not enough to Fabi who dreamed for a building with a largere lobby, modern offices and meeting rooms.

The new headquarter was opened in 1986.

1980: the temptation of exports and consolidation in Italy

Made in Italy, in those years, was beginning to look to foreign markets such as Germany and the USA. But it was a gamble for few.

“We were too small to throw ourselves into the fray – tells Elisio Fabi – Who had already tried with these countries had failed; then we continued to work mainly in Italy.”

1990: the opening to the women’s fashion

With the drop in sales of men’s fashion, the collections Fabi diverged accepting even the models dedicated to women. Initially it was not easy to find skilled workers for the production of female models. But, today, we can say that was a wise choice and women’s shoes by Fabi are appreciated all over the world. And the story of 50 years of Fabi continues with a new chapter.

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Women’s designer knitwear, when elegance is not occasional

In women’s fashion there’re clothes made for special occasions, where elegance is a constituent feature. Dresses from which you expect an exclusive design and attention to detail. But a woman of class it’s recognized in the everyday life. For her elegance is not an occasional matter. For this, there’s the designer knitwear.

The highest quality fabrics, trendy designs or a refined and sober line: knitwear are the elements that can give the unique touch of style to any women’s outfit. Even when the occasion doesn’t require it (explicitly).

The knitwear collection by Fabi wants to donate to your wardrobe many ideas to create outfits for every day, with the distinctive class that characterizes the Maison’s creations. Perfect as an office attire, a leisure time look, as well as to cap an attire for a special evening.

From the women’s fashion classic lines, to the most innovative cuts and the most fascinating fantasies, the knitwear of a big sign of Italian fashion as Fabi offers a wide range of style that will impress all Made in Italy fashion lovers.

To find out all the creations of the new Fabi collection, please visit the online boutique of the Maison: knitwear section.

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