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Designer dresses for spring and summer 2015: the sophisticated elegance by Fabi

Here’s the season of evening events and ceremonies, and askes to renew our wardrobe with unique gems of style. As a statement of unusual elegance, what we seek is something original and distinctive, able to emphasize our sophisticated and never predictable taste. From the spring/summer 2015 collection by Fabi, here is a selection of dresses perfectly responding to the needs of all those who share our idea of elegance beyond fashion.

The long or short sleeveless dress - Simply perfect for special occasions, this designer dress by Fabi offers a soft silhouette and fabrics of the highest quality. The line is broken by the long sleeveless draped on the waist. Black and faded blue for the long dress, beige for the short.

Floral fantasy – Halfway between a sophisticated Art Nouveau and fantasy and a delicate Japanese design, the floral print characterizes this sleeveless dress with boat neck. The game created by the double fabric (silk and viscose), makes this dress bright and soft, free to adapt to your forms and to emphasize your movements. Antique pink and gray or light yellow and blue.

Ethno animal fantasy – For those who like to capture attention with bright colors and for those who love the exotic mystery of wild nature, here is a line of clothes that summarize perfectly the concept of exclusivity. An eye feline stands on the short dress, while the crocodile is the totem of the long one. To match these dresses, opt for the décollété or the ethno-chic wedge sandals.

Chic dungarees  – For the woman who wants something really special and unusual, the chic dungarees looks like a valid alternative to the classic suit for ceremonies or other important events.

Designer clothes for elegance every day – Beyond the special occasions, there is an elegance that is expressed everyday and take the opportunity of the hot season for preferring light and comfortable clothing, but always with the unmistakable taste of the creations by Fabi. We are talking about the dresses with short sleeves by the contrasting trim in pink and blue. To be matched with chic sandals or espadrilles.

To go beyond the selection presented here and to discover all the clothes in the 2015 S/S collection, please follow the next link that will take you in our online boutique.

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Fabi S/S 2015 accessories: women’s designer sunglasses

Is there any fashion accessory that represents the quintessence of summer better than sunglasses? Probably not.

When the sun is shining, our eyes seek a shield and our need of style requires a solution that does not betray our class. For this reason, we can resort to one thing only: a pair of designer sunglasses.

To respond to this need for every woman, Fabi offers an irresistible collection of designer sunglasses by the great charm.

Like a diva from another era, we conceal our eyes behind obscured lenses or sophisticatedly tinted, using a fashion accessory anything but shoddy. Celluloid Glasses from the women’s collection by Fabi will satisfy every desire for style with a wide choice of shapes and colors.

Don’t you believe us? Then follow us in this selection from the Spring/Summer collection 2015.

Classic – For lovers of classic lines, here is the designer sunglasses for the hot season of 2015. The colors of the back of these glasses range from the classic beige, to the most vibrant  and bright green.

Oval – Enveloping and full of class. To be selected in a tortoiseshell fantasy or with a Fabi’s monograaphs pattern (only for the true passionate of the Made in Italy).

Round – Do you want to emphasize the characteristic of your slightly squared face? Then choose these glasses with round lenses.

Cat eye – There are no glasses declaring your style more of these cat eye. The silver screen has made them immortal.

Oversize – For women who do not like half-measures, the right eyewear for this summer 2015 is definitely oversized. By Fabi, of course.

Find all the sunglasses from the women’s collection by Fabi in our boutique. Go ahead and make your choice among the many proposed models.

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50 years of Fabi (part III): the adventure on the Russian market

With the advent of the industrial age of Fabi, the Italian market was starting to be not enough wide for Fabi. But foreign markets were still too far apart for a small-medium enterprise.

As taught by the stories of entrepreneurial successes teach the stories of entrepreneurial success, the opportunity has extravagant ways to show: the skill of the entrepreneur is to recognize it and catch it at the right time. Even when this disguises himself as an opera singer.

It was right under the guise of an opera singer who came to Fabi the opportunity to open up to the Russian market.


Her name was Marina, was a Russian woman of extraordinary charm, culture and by the beautiful voice, introduced in the high society environments of Moscow. During a tour with an orchestra, she made a stop in Fermo, where she met Elisio Fabi. Marina, thanks to her contacts and her intelligence, was the picklock that opened the doors of the Russian market to the Fabi’s creations.

It was not enough, however, to know how to sell: you had to figure out what to sell. This was the reason why Alessia, daughter of Enrico Fabi, and a pattern maker of Fabi followed Marina in Russia to explore the tastes of the new market.

Noone and Vardan

The “Russian chapter” of the 50 years of Fabi has another important paragraph: one that speaks of Noone and Vardan, a couple of Armenians living in Moscow. They were among the first retailers in Russia that, given the 1998 crisis and the extraordinary intuition of Fabi, managed to sell a large batch of footwear, setting the stage for the opening of a brand store in Moscow.

For the construction of the store they had to send from Italy builders and furniture.

With the consolidation in the Italian market and with the exports to the Russian market, the brand Fabi began to assume that value of excellence that hold today, 50 years since the beginning of this extraordinary entrepreneurial adventure in the Made in Italy footwear.

This brings us to the last chapter in the history of 50 years of success of the Maison: one dedicated to the present days and the second generation of Fabi, one that led the signature in the future.

In the picture: Emanuele Fabi, Vardan Manukian, Alessia Fabi


Fabi Boutique in Moscow

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Men’s light leather jackets S/S 2015: a summer in style

Even during the warmer spring and a the hottest summer may happen those particularly fresh mornings or those wet evenings that require a coats. The fashion conscious men cannot give up on having, in their wardrobe, a garment by the eternal charm: the leather jacket.

A little bad boy, a bit biker, a little aviator, but with attention to style. Even if the models are a classics of the men’s fashion, design, cutting and materials can make  definitely the difference.

To help you choose the right summer jacket, here is a selection of light leather jackets from the S/S men’s collection by Fabi.

Biker style (blue, black)

A cut recently become a must have of men’s casual fashion. The unlined, fresh and soft skin make, this jacket, your charm ally for the summer.

Sports style (blue, with or without cap)

Dadicated to dynamic men, and to those who want to be always ready for anything: a double front in leather and fabric that can accompany you throughout the fall, thanks to windproof vest inside. The cap can be removed.

Bomber style (black, brown)

As modern airmen, are you ready to take to flight your chance to style? Soft nappa leather, with cuffs and bottom edge of elastic fabric in high-contrast colors.

To discover all the other light leather jackets  and summer vests proposals, we invite you to visit our online boutique.

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Handmade shoes: stages of production

If you’ve been wearing handmade leather shoes, you’ve been wearing a long-standing tradition. Describing the stages of footwear made using traditional craft techniques is like telling a lovely tale with a moral to teach us the values of beauty and quality.

Behind every unrepeatable gesture dedicated to the finished shoe are the personal stories of the men and women who have made leather crafts and decoration their life’s work. Right from the very start, handmade shoes are unique and exclusive accessories which come with the inestimable wealth of know-how from generations of artisans and the full value of Italian-made goods as the mark of refined production.

The story of an Italian handmade shoe begins with the choice of materials. Good leathers, rubbers and fabrics are the basic ingredients of a great product.

Cutting the leather is like the first draft that follows a precise design and lays the ground for future beauty. Like a map, the binding marks out the path taken by needle and thread. Thus prepared the upper moves on to skiving and folding where cuts in the leather are joined together and the shoe begins to take shape. Only the sensitive hand of a craftsman is capable of dealing with imperfections when finishing the assembled upper.

The finished upper is then attached using the last and stitched. The channel and the bottom are prepared, dyed and covered in adhesive for a perfect hold, while the leather of the future shoe is roughed down by hand.

The heel and upper are polished to give shine and elegance to every shoe.

Then, just like the craftsman, the hand-crafted shoe has time to rest. During its time on the last, the shoe takes its final shape, boot legs are given a final stretch and all the products are prepared for quality control.

Only the finest handmade shoes get to the end of the process and are given the Fabi Shoes mark, a guarantee of the class and quality of Italian shoe-making excellence.