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Women’s scarves summer 2015: details of class for a refined charm

Women’s scarves: it’s just a fact of knowing how to wear them, but once you’re comfortable with these accessories, they’ll become your faithful allies of elegance. And, to put your signature on any outfit, be sure to pick any fantasies and create each time a different color combinations.

Just talking about fantasies, the S/S 2015 collection of scarves by Fabi proposes some irresistible designs. Here is a selection of Fabi’s creations dedicated to all those who like to take care of the  details with distinctive accessories.

Shawl or scarf: you want to be bound the bare essentials, or to be embraced by its soft freshness? Before making your choice, think about how you want to wear it and carefully consider its shape: square, wide or narrow rectangular.

Fabrics: viscose, modal, cotton or silk? The choice of fabrics meets all the requirements.

Geometric fantasy: If your style is rigorous and leaves no room for noisy fantasies, rely on geometry.

Floral fantasy: in tune with the concept of the collection of women’s shoes Fabi S/S 2015 also features floral print scarves, for an explosion of vitality and style.

Hypnotic fantasy: here the leaves and vegetable twine are sublimated and meet with the geometry to create fascinating optical patterns.

To see all the creations from the new S/S 2015 collection by Fabi, we invite you to visit our online boutique, in the section dedicated to women’s fashion scarves.

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Women’s leather moccasins S/S 2015: low heel, high style level

The heel are low, they almost disappear. However the level of sophistication is high, to create a whispered elegance. The women’s leather moccasin shoes are for those who love a sober, almost masculine elegance without, at the same time, betraying the femininity.

An extraordinary blend of the classic and the modern, between male and female, between formal and casual, which allows an endless variety of original and always classy outfits.

Below, we present a selection of women’s leather loafers from the collection spring/summer 2015 by Fabi:

The penny loafer – Fine and soft women’s moccasins in calfskin of a beautiful blue tasting like summer. Wear it with a pair of trousers on white or pastel shades.

Loafers with metal details – To make it even more precious the quality materials and attention to detail that characterize these women’s moccasins, this line adds  golden elements to the strip band (a staple metal buckles). Combine them with a pair of skinny jeans.

Rhinestones and suede – If you want something special, here is the moccasin combining suede calf leather and embedding rhinestones to make your style even more brilliant. Combine this shoe in a pantskirt.

Metallic moccasin – Precious as a silver jewelry, cool as steel, refined as a rare metal: this is the moccasin for a woman who want to give a touch of out-of-ordinary value to her outfit. Match this moccasin with a dress or a blouse.

You are a click away from discovering the whole spring/summer collection 2015 of Women’s leather moccasins by Fabi and a few clicks  away from a real pearl style. See you in our online boutique.

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Monk strap S/S 2015: a selection of the trendiest men’s shoes of the season

If, in the men’s fashion, there is a trend that can’t be denied is definitely the passion for the monk strap shoes of spring summer 2015. The men’s shoes with buckles are a big success due to their refined alchemy that binds to perfection the refined retro and the timeless taste of elegant shoes.

But, if it is true that the double buckle of monk strap is an element that strongly characterizes this shoe, it is also true that the variations of this model can be many and can go from the classic and formal dress shoe, to the casual-chic shoe for the everyday.

Below, we present a careful selection of monk strap shoes from spring / summer collection 2015 by Fabi, dedicated to those men who want to ride this trend, standing out for the quality of shoe and materials.

A classic of elegance – If you want to give a touch of freshness to your formal outfits, this is the model to match the dress.

The flat one – Minimal heel and wideneck: this shoe with buckles is the perfect complement to a linen pants.

A splash of color – in blue, green, ocher, with used effect finishing: among the monk strap models by Fabi you can choose between the trendiest colors from the men’s fashion of S/S 2015.

The comfortable one – In the men’s collection by Fabi, monk strap is not only synonymous with elegance and trendy. With the Flex Goodyear line you’ll choose a product of a work of craftsmanship quality devoted to the comfort of the fit and freedom of movement.

Do you want to enjoy all the proposals offered by the monk strap collection by Fabi S/S 2015? Then we invite you to visit our online boutique and make your choice among the many models of shoes with buckle offered.

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Women’s summer trench coat S/S 2015: designer raincoats

Certainly will not be a special cold summer evening or a wet day to make you deny your class. Therefore, even in the hottest time of the year, you should not find yourself unprepared and face the summer cool and rain with coats by the great charm: the women’s spring summer 2015 trench coat collection by Fabi.

A garment by the martial origins, this coat was the waterproof trench uniforms of the UK officers during the war. It has found, in the big screen, his springboard into high fashion. No need to quote Humphrey Bogart or Greta Garbo to evoke two great celluloid successes of the raincoat.

The spring/summer collection 2015 by Fabi brings back that glory, to give to your summer a charming and very versatile coat. Forget, however, the super long trench coats: the ¾ of these garments will enhance your figure the best.

Below, a selection of the creations from the new collection of women’s summer trench coats:

Linear – This is the trench coat that for the sophisticated simplicity lovers. Straight lines, faithful to the origin of this masculine garment, three buttons and a lot of attention to detail and quality of materials. In beige, red and blue.

Old style – If you love the classics, this is the summer trench coat for you: double-breasted, shaped and with waist belt. Do you want to give a more trendy touch? Choose it in red.

The asymmetric – For all those women who want to impress with something really special at every opportunity, here is the right coat: asymmetric and flared cut and leather sleeves.

To see all the women’s summer trench coats and the other outerwear from the new spring/summer 2015 collection by Fabi, we invite you to visit our online boutique

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Men’s leather sandals S/S 2015 by Fabi

When it’s time to relax and freedom and the heat hits hard, even an elegant man can be tempted to make a faux pas. For this, Fabi proposes a men’s collection of leather sandals that guarantee a high standard of style, even in the extreme case of casual or of a sophisticated ethno-chic.

Fresh, comfortable and manufactured with the quality and attention to detail that distinguishes the creations by Fabi. Below, a selection from the men’s S/S 2015 collection of leather sandals by Fabi:

Leather scuff – The crossed bands are in soft calfskin, as well as the insole. These open shoes for men are proposed in the following colors: blue, gray, dark brown, black with a white border.

Leather flip flops – A sandal in calf always fashionable, with fabric inserts in contrasting color. Available in black (white border), blue (gray border) and white (orange border).

Sandal with leather straps – This summer shoe for the man of style, calfskin forms bands and the insole to create an ageless model. With buckles or elastic. Color: dark brown or black.

To see the details of all leather sandals models by Fabi and designed for men, we invite you to visit our online boutique. There you can find a huge collection of summer footwear dedicated to all men who want to be elegant on every occasion.

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