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Fabi Natural Color: the new Fabi sneakers limited edition!

Colors, nature and art mix up in the new Fabi men project.The pure and spontaneous action of Massimo Baldini, artist, thinker peasant, is born from his passion, credited by the ancient art of extracting natural colour from dyeing plants. His gesture, born during a photography shoot dedicated to extracting natural pigments, assumed a precise form, morphed into an object, a concrete thing. A shoe.

His instantaneous work, created and then disappeared no longer exists; there is no longer a trace on any type of material, which is not already…..something else, another form, a different object (the shoe). Only a mark remains of the existence of that gesture, captured for ever by the photograph, ready to stop the moment – act: the image.

The photo is proof and sign that the creative act existed. For ever. And it will be beyond time, space, persons, things. More than the object itself. Limited edition! Sneakers are available only while stocks last