“I can give you fi ve minutes” is what people
say when they’re in a rush and have no time to
spare, but try to listen anyway, giving you their
attention and doing their best to follow what
you’re saying… Even though their mind is actually
racing towards that next appointment, that thing
they mustn’t forget to do, and that phone call
which hasn’t arrived yet. A little less austere and
a little more amiable, the modern-day manager
is caught up in a whirlwind of appointments and
posts. To keep up with it all, he needs shoes and
accessories that are easy to mix and match, yet
highly sophisticated.
Sleek-looking suits, sharp-collared shirts, leather
laces or penny loafers on your feet, a colourful
accessory like a scarf, a bag that cheers you up
just looking at it and… voilà: let the day begin!