Fall and Winter, talking about the fashion segment, are two really interesting seasons for men. The necessity to wrap up gives the possibility to show all the class in the attention to details-

With this style guide, Fabi wants to suggest a selection of shoes which will accompany you through all the F/W 2015-2016 season, during the coldest months of the year, without betraying your distinctive elegance. A shoe a month to always be up to the rules of menswear fashion.

The suggested shoes are part of the new men’s collection signed by Fabi: accessories that add, to an aesthetic quality that unites tradition and innovation, a quality made of premium materials and an artisanal production

October: Golf style leather shoes

When the fall starts and the days start to be shorter, the prevalent color is the brown of the leafs that fall. A tonality remembered by the leather of these short lace-ups that emanate elegance.

November: dark brown Brogue

Summer is faraway and those dark rainy days let us remember it. For this period of the year we just have to refer to the English shoemaking tradition, with Brogues: a model of shoe created specifically for the moist soil. This model keeps the moist away thanks to its double layer sole. No worries about the comfort: this shoe is a Flex Goodyear.

December: Leather Chelsea boot

When the temperatures become more frigid and the important events become more frequent, you need a shoe that highlights our refined elegance. Nothing better than a pair of leather Chelsea boots. Warm, comfortable, practical and versatile.

January: Lace-up ankle boot

The coldest days of the year have yet to come, but we won’t let them find us unprepared. Thanks to these  lace-up ankle boots with rubber sole, we’re ready to deal with any weather and prepared for any kind of situation.

February: Derby style shoe

With a robust appearance but actually an ultra light footwear. The  soft calfskin adds a fine touch of comfort. Beautiful in their simplicity and of Made in Italy quality.

March: Double buckle Monk

Winter isn’t over and so is our want of style. Days start to be longer and there are the first signs of Spring. Wearing our buckled shoes and having a walk in the city will be a pleasure.

Do you want some more inspirations to put the style on your feet everyday of this fall winter 2015/2016? The right place to choose your month’s shoe is our online boutique

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