When the women’s classic elegance meets the sport and the best materials, the women’s fashion gives birth to garments by the extraordinary charm, like the fur vest.

Perfect to face even the coldest days of 2016 winter with the classy woman’s style, ideal to create unexpected combinations, especially thanks to the shade offered by the winter collection of furs by Fabi. Light gray, dark gray, burgundy, green: a choice left to the taste of those who want to add this jewel of Made in Italy fashion in their winter wardrobe.

The refined real fox fur is the valuable material which, together with a working painstakingly and unique design, adds value to a must-have creation of the winter 2016.

The two faces of the same style: double face vest in real fur

The fur vest by Fabi is the perfect outwear to take with you on a skiing holiday. To the innate sportiness of the sleeveless coat adds a feature that makes it unique: the double face. On the one side chic fur, on the other tech fabric vest fur-trimmed with a soft fox. The comfort of a warm outerwear bearing the year 2016 as a mere birth date, but with an eternal life and timeless style.

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