Is beauty everything? When we talk about quality shoes the answer is negative. The elegance and the fascination of a shoe have to be accompanied with an important factor: comfort. An element that demonstrates that the product we’re looking at is an excellent one, as Flex Goodyear of Fabi.

The making of a Flex Goodyear shoe is a sophisticated equilibrium between tradition and innovation, born from the long experienced workforce of Fabi which became an international patent that gives to fashion an ancient seam technique, innovating it. The result is a sartorial quality (and comfortable) shoe.

In the 2015/2016 fall winter men collection, Fabi updates the line of comfortable and beautiful men shoes, made with the Flex Goodyear technique. Lines keep being the classic of men’s elegance, but the design details give freshness and uniqueness.

Below, a selection of Flex Goodyear Fabi shoes for men:

Monk – The shoes with buckles continue being liked by men, conquering, for another season, a leading position in fashion. In this model, the elements of style perfectly mix with the comfort of a tailor made shoe.

Brogue – The pierced and swallow tail decorations give a casual touch. But here casual chic reach its maximum expression, because the everyday elegance concept is putted next to the concept of comfort.

Francesina – A classic in menswear that doesn’t wrangle with wellness. What to ask more to a shoe made for more formal occasions or a ceremony?

Derby – Enough elegant, casual without rxcesses: the Fabi Flex Goodyear derbys are ready to accompany you yo every occasion, also all day long.

Chelsea bott – Refines (and also comfortable, in the Flex Goodyear version), the Beatles-style ankle boots give a dandy touch also at the 2015-2016 Fall Winter Fabi men collection.

The moccasin – A champion in comfort and elegance, the moccasin embellish its own contribution to classy menswear  with the Fabi Flex Goodyear seam.

To look closely every Fabi Flex Goodyear model, we’re waiting for you at the online boutique. If you’d rather known how does it feel to wear these excellences in the shoe industry, visit us in one of our stores all over the world. Jump to the following link to discover all the new model from MAN Fabi 50 – Flex Goodyear.

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