How will be the women’s fashion by Fabi in the spring summer 2016? For all the fans of the creations of the Maison, here’s a preview on the collection of the upcoming hot season. Elegance, quality, tradition and innovation come together in this extraordinary mix that established the Fabi’s style in the world in its 50-year history to create a new spring/summer collection dedicated to the independent women of class.

Fashion preview: Fabi’s S/S 2016 woman Fabi is a traveler in style

As a romantic adventure, the journey through the exotic and ethnic charm continues from collection to collection. With the arrival of summer 2016 will rekindle the desire to leave and explore distant lands. A desire that will find relief, with the next collection by Fabi, in creativities full of surprises that we will unveil in this anticipation on women’s S/S 2016 fashion.

The sunny Mexico, the veiled sensuality of Turkey, the ethnic appeal of Nigeria and the extreme exoticism of Indonesia will contribute with materials, colors and ideas, to enrich leathers, designs and details of elegant shoes and of the shoes that bring the elegance in the everyday outfit, as the tradition of women’s collections signed by Fabi.

Mexico suggestion – Yellow, white and turquoise: like the sky of a distant Mexico. A suggestion that will create a collection to wear every day: a shoe by the rubber soles and by tassel and printed fabrics uppers.

Saudi suggestion – Here refinement and elegance will reach the top. The fine materials, such as: satin, suede and rhinestones embellish the line, approaching metal details that recall turkish lamps and decorations. The colors are so tenuous as to be almost transparent, delicate as a Middle East poem.

Africa suggestion – Here dominate the colors of the earth and nature: vibrant, but also able basic. Ethnic according to the next Fabi S/S 2016 collection will be rich in detail and precious stones: an etnic chic that will compromise with the sportiness of a comfortable and always refined shoe. Gold and satin varnish will be matched with prints on satin and suede that recall natural textures. Sandals and wedges introduce the jewel in the everyday: a luxury ready-to-wear.

East suggestion – Red, orange, yellow, turquoise, green … The bright colors of nature characterize printed satin, patent leathers, suedes, leathers in stylized leaves and enriched with jewels as exotic fruits.

Suggestion City & Sports – When the Fabi’s woman is not traveling among exotic destinations, her style perfectly interprets the urban and sporty chic. This women’s soul will be interpreted, in the new Fabi’s collection, with a wide variations on the sneakers model. The soft tassels, sophisticated suede and bright laminated will be accompanied by casual fabrics such as lycra and stretch jeans to create the perfect casual and never boring shoe.

The journey of style continues beyond these preview to the next women’s fashion collection spring summer 2016 signed by Fabi: the next step is to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the launch of the new models of women’s Made in Italy shoes and our online boutique to discover them one by one.

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