Matching your belt with your shoes: is it really necessary? The answer: absolutely! Because it is when we take care of these details that we express the very essence of elegance. So here are a few pointers to avoid slipping up, but above all to make the most of quality accessories like shoes and belts made of real leather from the Fabi Shoes Made in Italy collection.

Rule number one: colour is key. Matching belts and shoes is not just about shades of colour.

Rule number two: style. Sporty belts go with casual shoes, classic belts should be worn with elegant shoes. All that's needed is to distinguish between casual belts and elegant ones. The secret is in the materials and the decoration. A classic belt will not have fabric, but rather is made predominantly of smooth leather with classic nuances, few decorative features, a modest shiny or matt brass- or silver-coloured buckle sewn to the main part of the belt (unlike casual belts where the buckle is attached with studs or rivets).

Rule number three: there's nothing “casual” about “casual”. Even casual wear has its own rules of elegance. Again, belts and shoes should be matched carefully. “Free-style” leaves room for more imaginative pairings, but you should always keep an eye on good taste. Buckles are usually the Achilles heel when it comes to matching belts with footwear.


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